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Nov 11, 2001
Glasgow, Scotland
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William C. Maune said:
It won't actually be released for a couple more weeks (I think).
Oh right....still I am interested in knowing what ADV were thinking when they decided to do what they did with this title.

I do wish I was a VA for ADV right now, I could of had fun working on this title


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Oct 3, 2005
Glendale, CO
Ah yes, Ghost Stories/Gakkou no Kaidan (original japanese title). I'll always think of this show as what the Scooby Doo cartoon might have been if it had taken itself seriously.

Controversy aside, reactions to the english dub have been fairly positive. There were clips of the dub up somewhere (I'd have to dig up the address) and I liked what I heard. This will be a fun listen, no doubt.


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Jun 2, 2002
UK. Scotland
GrantM13459 said:
Let me guess...he hates it
Gah, he's such a flipin' pestimestic bugger, sriously, he could turn a bright sunny day into a rainstrom to make Noah blush.

That aside, why only Duel Masters Series 2 and not the orgional, the orgional seemed pritty removed as well.


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May 1, 2002
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livingfruitvirus said:
Except for "Ask" John.
Meh, I've ignored John Oppliger's anti-dub agenda for quite some time now because he's becoming a parody of himself. Of course this guy wouldn't approve of the Ghost Stories dub. This is the same guy who calls anime dubs "training wheels" and believes dubs create "intellectual or cultural blinders", as well as a lack of "artistic respect" for anime. This is the same guy who hopes that Adult Swim's upcoming airing of a subtitled anime will "reverse the current trend of popularizing dubbed anime". This is the same guy who called Hayao Miyazaki a "renegade" because Miyazaki actually enjoys foreign dubs. With this kind of an outlook on dubs, I'm surprised he was asked for an opinion on the Ghost Stories dub in the first place!

That aside, I'm very curious to hear this dub. Behind all the complaining that the dub was altered like this, I've heard tales that the show itself is incredibly bland. If a dub can make a bland show interesting, then I'm all for seeing it.

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Feb 23, 2005
Arxane said:
This is the same guy who called Hayao Miyazaki a "renegade" because Miyazaki actually enjoys foreign dubs. With this kind of an outlook on dubs, I'm surprised he was asked for an opinion on the Ghost Stories dub in the first place!
That's funny, because I was (and in a way, still am) pretty anti-dub, but consider the Miyazaki dubs to be the first ones I could honestly and truly take seriously. They haven't been the last. These days, I perfer subs, but I'll watch dubs now and then. (Naruto's dub? I was like "Who decided to stop screwing around and do a perfect job for once? And can I convince that person to do it again...?")

And I'm all for a dub enriching a show if the show needed the enrichment (and the dub actually does so). From what I'm reading, it looks like that is the case here.

Might have to check this sick puppy out...


Aug 22, 2005
Ben said:
Old school hardcore otaku columnist at AnimeNation.

Sorry, but considering what he deems to be hardcore and old school I couldn't help it.

He's opinionated, that's it.

The great thing about true old timers is that they're pretty flexible. Since we didn't have much anime, save for what Carl Sagan was showing (about 2-4 titles per year were licensed in the US), if you liked subs, you liked 'em. If not then it was okay, because we didn't really have any room to complain.

Ahh... the old days.


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