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Interesting… I would have given it to “The Penguins Of Madagascar”, but its review on toonzone was mostly negative. Tastes vary, I suppose.

I would've picked either Penguins, Ferb, or Batman: The Brave and The Bold myself. It doesn't matter when a series debuted, as long as it hit its stride in '09. To me, choosing Olivia was almost a technicality, and kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel. To each their own, I guess.

Question to all of you: was good animation really this scarce in 2009?



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Question to all of you: was good animation really this scarce in 2009?

Come to think of it, the only other shows that I'm aware that premiered this year other than Penguins and Olivia are Fanboy and Chum Chum, Glenn Martin DDS, and Iron Man Adventures from Nick. There's also Wolverine and the X-Men since it did premiere here in America in 2009. Cartoon Network had Titan Maximun for Adult Swim, As for CN itself, Garfield Show, Gormiti, and Casper Scare School come to mind. I'm on the fence on if I should call Total Drama Action a new series, since it's basically season two to Island. While Disney Channel & XD to my knowledge didn't air a new animated series this year. Then we have Sit Down, Shut Up and Cleveland Show that premiered this year on Fox, along with Goode Family on ABC. So from the looks of it, animation was kind of scare, especially since I don't remember any toonzone reviews for Cleveland, SDSU, TM, and GF.


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Holy cow, no offense but just what were they thinking? There are so many other good choices out there. I would have choosen either Penguins or Batman Brave and the Bold, both are really good shows :)


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Wow this really seems like a poor choice. I would've just given it to Phineas and Ferb and let the technicality preventing it be overlooked. Either that or give it to Brave and Bold. It's not the best series out there, but it's easily better than preschooler crud.

Boneheaded decision of 2009? Giving Olivia best new series of 2009.
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No offense to anybody, but seriously. Why Olivia? I would have said Jimmy Two-Shoes, but that's just me.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold faced the same problem as Phineas & Ferb in that it kind of debuted in 2008. It's not a new series for 2009. The "hit its stride" thing is for the blog's top 25 of the decade, not for this.

Speaking personally (since I ended up reviewing all three), I don't think it would have been any better or worse of a choice to have picked Wolverine and the X-Men or Iron Man Armored Adventures over Olivia. I still think W&tXM is trying to eat its cake and have it too by being super-deep in continuity while also stalking off in wild new directions, and I don't find it satisfies much in either. It has its moments, but I find the series fairly lackluster on the whole. Iron Man Armored Adventures is a decent but not awesome show, and I REALLY hate the animation for the people, who aren't much more expressive than Iron Man's faceplate.

And yes, it was a VERY lean year for new animated series debuts, IMO.


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How can Olivia be the best new series of 2009, when the series was produced earlier? the series actually started in December 2008 in Australia.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures was Iron Man in name only, with the characters reduced to teenagers, and lacking good characters and story. I would take the recent Eon Kid series, over that rubbish. Even the Iron Man (1990s) series was better, especially the 2nd season.

Wolverine and the X-Men started earlier too, in Canada and Latin America.

The Chronology of Animation is a useful web site, for seeing which cartoon series were produced in each year.

Surely there must be a best choice for 2009?

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Guys, you can agree or disagree with the choice made, but please try and refrain from such comments as, "What were they thinking" or "What a boneheaded move" or anything that sounds rude. Let's try and keep it respectful.


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Hmm...we didn't have a lot of new cartoons this year. I guess the industry is doing pretty bad.

I'd personally pick Penguins of Madagascar, followed by Wolverine and the X-Men, then Iron Man: Armored Adventures, then finally TDA.

I wouldn't know if Olivia deserves said spot, since I've never seen it.
Which begs to question, how many naysayers to the choice also haven't seen the show?


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I wouldn't know if Olivia deserves said spot, since I've never seen it.
Which begs to question, how many naysayers to the choice also haven't seen the show?
It's a preschooler show, which means it's probably nothing to write home about (unless it's drug-influenced like Yo Gabba Gabba or something :sweat:).

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2009? I would have given it to Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Solid writing, a staff who wasn't afraid to take risks and deviate from the comic (where most comic book shows try to stick close to the comic, regardless if it works or not, they actually took it upon themselves of improving a C-lister hero's mythos), and probably my favorite show in the superhero genre.

But aside from that.. I would agree 2009 was pretty bleak. I think it was the only show I enjoyed this year.


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Oliva, seriously? A show aimed at 5-9 yr. olds is the best animated series of 2009? We must have gotten some terrible shows this year. I think the best choice should have gone to FanBoy and Chum-Chum because it reminds me of an old beaver cartoon I have forgotten.


Stoked should've won this going away. Most tragically underappreciated animated series out there. Fantastic voice acting, pioneering animated (for Flash, definitely the best Flash series I've ever seen), great characters (even if they are mostly 6teen expies) and some hilarious action made it easily the best new show of the year in my opinion.


I see no problem with it, wouldn't be any different if Penguins won and I started complaining how stupid of a move it was. No matter what would've gotten it, someone was bound to complain.


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If this is a multi-animation discussion shouldn't this be in the General Animation Forum.
Yeah this isn't the Best New Nicktoon of 2009 talkback, so why isn't also in general animation forum? I could see it being mirrored here seeing as how Olivia airs on Nick, but this thread is discussing non-Nick related toons as well.


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