Title Merging


Jewel Runner
Lupin Episode III: Revenge of the Fallen Olympus

Star Wars: Clone High

My Mon Colle Knights and Me

Spectacular SpongeBob

The Promised Neverending Story

Invader Zim-Bionic Titans Go!


I Am Here
A Kid Cosmic In King Arthur's Court

Steven Spielberg Universe

Generator Rex Dangervest

Soylent Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Mr. Robotomy


I Am Here
Ben Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Craig McCracken of the Creek

SpongeBob World: Kamp Koral Cretaceous

F is for Family Dog

Sean Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero


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Remember when I said The Dog and Pony Show should come to Qubo? Well, it's probably not happening. Since Discovery is a co producer it will probably end up on Discovery Family and Discovery Famiila.
Did anybody notice the error just tonight on Nick? At 7:57PMish after Despicable Me 2 error?
I love the smell of rain at night and the end of Daylight Savings here.
Scott Innes apparently put up his Christmas tree....in October. It looks pretty good though.