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The kids are all wrong
Bravestarr vs. The Forces of Evil

Wild West C.O.W.boy Bebop of Moo Mesa

(Might this thread fit better in the Fun and Games board?)
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The Adventures of Jonah: Escape 2 Africa: Extra Large Odyssey and Knuckles: A Veggietales Movie


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Macross 7 Ds

Macross Delta Force

Nature Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Madeleine in the City

Gravity Fall Guy

Clarissa Explains it All That

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So this is interesting.
Hi everyone! I just joined, i've been reading these forums since I was 13. So happy to finally have an account!
I wish I knew how old Niki Lytton is so I can wish her a proper happy birthday today. She's the script coordinator for Legend Of The Three Caballeros, Muppet Babies season 1, and (since mid-season 1) TOTS. Given how she's mainly a script coordinator, I assume she's somewhere in her late 20s (given how script coordinators are generally young writers).
The old ratings are back!
I just wanna ask you all. Do you like a new redesigh? For me,it looks nice!