TICA Toonami Message Board FAQ (Please Read If You Are New)

William C. Maune

TZ News Editor in Chief
Nov 26, 2001
Castle Wyvern, Missouri

F.A.Q. compiled by KnuxFive and William C. Maune. Thanks also to Jeff Harris, Matthew Williams, D. Shaffer and those who compiled the Adult Swim board FAQ.

Welcome to the TICA Toonami Message Board (Powered by The Bridge and hosted by Toon Zone) FAQ. The FAQ will overview the rules and guidelines of the board, answer board related questions you may have, provide Toonami information and entertain you with other morsels of goodness. While this is the current draft of the FAQ we are always looking for your suggestions.

Rules and Guidelines

1) First of all you should be familiar with the Toon Zone Forums FAQ.

It covers the rules and guidelines that affect all Toon Zone forums as well as providing information on how to properly use the style of message board offered here. Some of the information will be repeated below, but that does not make any of the rest of the information any less important.

2) Do not discuss the downloading of episodes and music or means of obtaining episodes and music illegally.

This includes providing links to illegal means of obtaining episodes, discussion of how to obtain such episodes, talking about programs used to obtain those episodes and anything related to these topics. We ask that you please respect copyrights and either watch the episodes on Toonami or legally purchase them. Distributors of animated shows are nothing like the RIAA and especially compared to other industries they generally treat consumers respectably. If you enjoy the product enough to watch it please support it by watching it legally. With regards to Toonami music, the Toonami CD can be purchased for the low low price of $13.98 from Amazon.com. If you want some of the recent music, buy the older CD. Chances are that Rhino could do a sequel.

3) What can I talk about on this board?

This board is intended for anything Toonami related. The main areas of discussion include what is currently airing on the block and Toonami news, but as long as what you are posting about is at least some how Toonami related it is probably ok.

However, there are many message boards at Toon Zone and some discussion, while it may be Toonami related, is more appropriate for other boards. Examples include the following: Discussion of specific Toonami show episodes that are not debuting on Toonami, but instead SVES belong on the Cartoon Network board. Discussion of Batman Beyond when it is not airing on Toonami generally belongs on the DC Animated Universe board. Discussion of anime that is not part of Toonami belongs in the Anime Forum.

Finally, there was a Toonami that aired on Kids WB for a short time. Jeff Harris doesn't consider it truely part of Toonami for his site though and thus neither does this board. Unless the discussion of Kids WB Toonami involves the real Toonami in some way it does not belong on this board.

4) Do your part to keep edits to a minimum

Depending on what the block is showing at the moment sometimes there is increased discussion regarding edits to series on Toonami. While we may not see them, the people involved in making decisions involving edits visit the Termite Terrace Trading Post, the TZ Adult Swim board and very likely this board as well. (Those boards can even give you specific examples) Thus, if you would like to talk about possible edits or problems with episodes that have not aired yet we respectfully ask that you keep it off the board. Hopefully if edits or problem areas aren't suggested in the first place at least some content may slip through that otherwise would not. Thank you very much.

Regarding shows/episodes that have already aired: Once an episode has aired feel free to respectfully discuss edits that took place, just be smart about it. Basically, we'd just recommend not going on and on about things you were surprised to see not edited.

Another related note, if you post Kyle Pope's edit lists on this board (usually found at Anime News Network), please remove the "Not An Edit" comments before doing so. Cartoon Network has proven that they read 'em (Reference on Adult Swim, and some re-edits), so... loose lips sink ships. Or... Notanedits cause edits.

5) Talkback Threads

Most commonly a talkback is a thread dedicated towards the discussion of a single episode or multiple episodes of a Toonami show. In some cases they are also used for Toonami events, openings, promos, etc. The Talkback threads on the Toonami board were inspired by those used on the World’s Finest message boards.

Generally the moderators make Talkback threads, especially those for specific shows. Since we have not as of yet restricted this to moderators any board member can make a Talkback thread as long as they follow a few simple rules.

A - Don’t post a Talkback thread before the day the episode the talkback thread concerns is supposed to air. Basically, Talkback threads do not do the board much good before the episode is going to air. Instead they just take up space.

B- Be original and informative. A one line talkback thread is not going to cut it. If you are going to take it upon yourself to make a talkback thread we want to see you put some work into it. Generally the other board members don’t like seeing the moderator’s format copied either. Improve on what we do, add your ideas and give the reader some information. There is a good chance the thread will be stickied, make it look good.

C- Include a poll. If you forget, there are ways the moderators can add a poll afterwards, but it is a real pain to do. Thus, we ask that you please include a poll in the first place.

Currently you should be able to find Talkback threads on the board for Justice League Season 1, the Frieza Saga of Dragonball Z, Cyborg 009 Season 1 and Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1.

6) Posting

The main guideline here is be smart. In other words, discuss topics in an intelligent manner. Remember also that it is definitely possible for folks to have opposite opinions yet still discuss them intelligently. Insulting others will get you nowhere and it does nothing to progress the flow of conversation.

Topics should also be discussed in a way respectful to others. Some examples are as follows. Things should not be referred to as “gay.” There are plenty of other adjectives that can be used. The only time this is acceptable is when a character actually is gay such as in Rurouni Kenshin or Outlaw Star. Also, especially in discussion about editing, shows or episodes should not be referred to as being raped. This is disrespectful to a very serious problem women face and it will not be tolerated here.

We also ask that you at least attempt to use proper grammar and spelling. No we aren’t going to check your posts for this, but it does make it a lot easier to read the board. This is mostly for your own benefit since a well written post is much more likely to garner responses than a shoddily thrown together one.

That being said, we also ask that you please be patient with people who do not use proper grammar and spelling. Not everyone who visits this board speaks English as their first language. As anyone who has taken a foreign language probaby has experience with, just trying to make a coherent sentence in a language other than your own can be rather difficult.

Quoting part of another person’s post can be a valuable tool when discussing a topic. However, quoting especially long posts can clutter the board. This isn’t exactly a major issue, but being smart when quoting can help the flow of the board and it can help those with slower connections.

7) Spoilers

Something everyone needs to do is to read the section in the Toon Zone FAQ on how to use spoiler tags properly (Click here and scroll down). Many people have already seen series that air on Toonami, but many have not as well. Thus, proper use of spoiler tags can be crucial to conversation.

When discussing events that take place in an episode that has not aired on Toonami use spoiler tags. Some threads may have more specific requests regarding spoiler tags. Remember, you read spoiler tags at your own risk; no one forces you to read them.

Finally, most folks would probably appreciate it if you did not post spoilers, even within spoiler tags, without a good reason for doing so. For example, if you need to use a spoiler tag in answering someone's question that is cool. However, if it is just to point out a bunch of stuff happening in upcoming episodes, no one really cares that you managed to see the episodes before they aired on Toonami. Basically, if you make a post involving spoiler tags, make sure the spoilers within actually contribute to the discussion taking place.

8) Fantasy Schedules (The Hyper Luigi Clause, Part 1)
These are one of the more popular types of threads on the Toonami board, however at times they can clog up the board. Generally, if you have an idea for a fantasy schedule thread yet there is already one on the board it is a good idea to wait to post it until the current thread has dropped off the first page of the board. Overall, this should garner more responses for your thread since people’s attention will not be split between two similar threads.

9) David Lucas and Stephen Jay Blum
These two voice actors have done a lot of great work for Toonami and for various Toonami shows. Since they have asked that we, the fans, do not pry into their identities and their personal lives the request will be respected on this board. Please enjoy their work and otherwise leave the guys alone. Their personal lives do not really affect any of us anyway. While they may sound similar, they are different people.

10) Language

Generally think of this as “PG” board. Overall Toon Zone is a family site and we don’t want bad language tossed all over the place. While there is a large number of older folks on this board, people as young as 13 can post here and those even younger can read the board. For the most part if they can say it on Toonami you can say it on here, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that if something unexpectedly slips through the show editing process you can suddenly use it on the board. Finally, there is a word censor on the Toon Zone forums, but just because Toon Zone automatically censors the word for you does not make the word ok to use since in most cases people can still make out what the word was supposed to be.

11) Consequences and Circumventing the Rules

Not everyone is going to remember to follow all the rules all the time. We just ask that you do not make a habit fbreaking the rules. Making a habit of this will result in warnings. Depending on the frequency and/or severity of those warnings you can be banned as well.

Something that is highly frowned upon and that automatically increases the severity of an infraction is not only breaking the rules, but intentionally circumventing the rules. One example of this would be doing things to get past the Toon Zone language censor program. We take a much kindlier attitude to someone who makes a mistake every once in awhile as opposed to someone who goes out of their way to cause problems and fails to heed warnings to clean up their act.

Frequently Asked Questions
12) Definitions and Links

A short list of important definitions will follow, but we also recommend reading this list compiled by Jeff Harris. It will not only help you understand some of the conversation here, but also the articles posted at The X Bridge.

The Absolution - This is the ship TOM broadcasts Toonami from. The first ship was destroyed, so TOM3 currently hosts from the Absolution Mark II.

Cartoon Network (CN) - The network on which Toonami airs.

The Clydes- The semi-sentient floating cameras of Moltar and TOM (The only carryover from Moltar's days). Clyde 49 was a singular unit sent to Earth to record the events and send them to Moltar. The Clyde 50s were built by TOM1 to be more of a personal camera and help maintaining the ship. The Clyde 51s appear to be nothing more than floating emoticons.

CNX - 1. The second (more popular) former name of The X Bridge, it's not an abbreviation for anything in particular (circa 1999). 2. (circa 2002) The first Cartoon Network spinoff to launch outside the US; the UK-based network's primary focus was action-animation ala Toonami, adult-oriented animation ala Adult Swim, and live-action shows like The Shield and Birds of Prey. In September 2003, CNX becomes an all-Toonami network called Toonami.

The Daily Run - Unofficial name for the weekday afternoon timeslot.

DC - Refers to cartoons based on DC Comics. These include B:TAS, S:TAS, BB and JL.

DOKs- TOM2's remote-controlled armada of robots, who were controlled by the citizens of Earth during Lockdown.

Fresh Question (FQ) - When there isn't much going on with Toonami (or when they otherwise feel like it) sometimes the moderators will post special discussion topics. Anyone can suggest a Fresh Question, just PM a mod.

The Full Cycle - For one day, Cartoon Network aired 24 hours of Toonami. Outside of premiering the Garlic Jr. Saga and airing some Dragonball Z movies, it's notable for being the only appearance of OOOOOLD Superman on the block (Even had an intro, which TDA doesn't have).

Meteo - This (and AFXanatos) is the name William C. Maune formerly went by online (and sometimes still does).

The Midnight Run (TMR) - The original version was a 7 hour block on Saturday nights, while it later turned into a one-hour edition on weeknights.

The Midnight Run: Special Edition - This was a one-hour special featuring some of WS's favorite animated music videos.

Moltar - The original host of Toonami, this Hanna-Barbara character broadcasted the show from the Ghost Planet.

Nemalki - This is the name Jeff Harris formerly went by online and some still refer to him by this name.

OAV - Original Animation Video - These generally have a higher budget than a television series, but less than a theatrical movie. They can stand on their own, but they often are connected to a television series or movie in some way. Japanese examples would include Tenchi Muyo! and 08th MS Team. American examples would include Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. These are also sometimes referred to as OVA or DTV (Direct to Video).

Pepito - Pepito's wrath of terror shall consume you all. Become a slave to his greatness or beware the lawn gnome army.

PowerZone, Afternoon Action, etc. - The precursor blocks to Toonami. These blocks are still used in some countries in addition to Toonami.

Private Message (PM) - This is a tool that allows forum members to send messages just to each other or to a moderator.

The Reactor- Toonami's streaming episode website, the first legal streaming animation site.

The Rising Sun - Initially a Saturday morning block, it was later retooled into a DC Toonami block on early, early Sunday morning.

Sara - The computer on board The Absolution.

Saturday Video Entertainment System (SVES) - Cartoon Network’s block of action shows airing from 7 PM to 2 AM (Eastern) Saturday evenings. Some of the shows on this block have been or currently are Toonami shows. It's not Toonami, it's "I Can't Believe It's Not Toonami".

Shows - B:TAS: Batman: The Animated Series, DB: Dragonball, DBGT: Dragonball GT, DBZ: Dragonball Z, IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix, JL: Justice League, OS: Outlaw Star, PPG: Powerpuff Girls, RK: Rurouni Kenshin, SM: Sailor Moon, S:TAS: Superman: The Animated Series, Tcats: Thundercats, YYH: Yu Yu Hakusho, Zoids:CC: Zoids: Chaotic Century, Zoids:GF: Zoids: Guardian Force

Super Saturdays - A short-lived block of mid-day Saturday programming.

Toonami - This is a block of cartoons airing on various Cartoon Networks around the world. It features the best in action animation. In the United States it airs from 5.0 to 7.0 PM Eastern.

T.I.C.A. - n. The Toonami Inner Circle Alliance, formerly the Toonami Inner Circle, a group of Revolutionaries dedicated to the preservation and recognition of the spirit of the Toonami block, preventing the name from being corrupted by the likes of idiotic executives, and dedicated to the belief that Toonami should not be exclusively an all-anime block. Current members include Jeff Harris, Tyler L., Zogg (both of Toonami Digital Arsenal and Infolink), CookieS, Mark "CC-Sama" Clark, Ashura, William "Meteo" Maune (Toon Zone's Toonami board leader), Knux Five (All sorts of TICA stuff), Skitz Zero, Jim Harvey (of World's Finest), and Discloner (Code Matrix of Absolution NeXt). (Thanks to The X Bridge for this definition.)

Toonami: Digital Arsenal (TDA) - Run by TylerL and Zogg, this site provides all of your Toonami multimedia needs. TylerL is also a moderator for this forum.

Toonami Infolink - An offshoot of TDA, this site's main purpose is to provide quick and accurate Toonami news and updates. TylerL, Knux Five, Jeff Harris and William C. Maune all provide news there in addition to moderating this board. It also contains the message boards for Toonami Infolink and TDA.

TOM - Toonami Operations Machine - The TOM currently seen on the block is TOM3. He is still the same TOM as always, just with a different body. TOM1 had the gut, TOM2 was the host for 3 years, and TOM3 is the current Mega Man/Power Rangers-esque model, rebuilt from the remains of TOM2.

Toon Zone (TZ) - Toon Zone is one of the best sources of animation news and information on the internet. Toon Zone not only hosts The X Bridge, but this message board as well.

Total Immersion Event (TIE) - These take place for one week each September. The first three featured a televised adventure of TOM and Sara along with an online component the viewers can participate in. The 2003 TIE will be similar except it will involve the Immortal Grand Prix instead of TOM and Sara.

Williams Street (WS) - Williams Street is the division of Cartoon Network that produces Toonami and Adult Swim. While they have a lot to do with the block the good folks at Williams Street ultimately do not have the final decision over what airs on the block. Also, Williams Street is a REAL street in Atlanta, Georgia, that Knux Five has seen a sign for.

The X Bridge - While the site has gone by a few different names, it is currently known as The X Bridge and most famously known as CNX. For over five years the site has been run by Jeff Harris and it has served as one of the flagship sites for the Toonami community. This is the official message board for The X Bridge.

13) What topics get stickied?

Generally we try to keep the number of stickied topics to a maximum of three to avoid cluttering the board. Stickied topics can include:

- Important announcements - These can be regarding Toonami or the board itself.

- Talkback threads for shows and episodes that are making their Toonami debut.

- Fresh Questions - We sometimes do these during slow times or when we otherwise feel like it. Anyone can suggest a Fresh Question, just Private Message a moderator.

14) Can I be a moderator?

No. If we need another moderator we will contact you.

15) What’s up with all the Matt’s?

Matt Wilson, a man of many hats at Toon Zone, frequently posts on this board. He can come off as a little gruff at times, but he means well. He also posts a lot of news on the board. While it may not always pan out, news regarding future events is always subject to change. For the most part his sources are very reliable. Besides moderating many boards Matt has his own web comic High Score. Finally, depending on what you say in your post and how you say it, you may be referred to as “channeling Matt Wilson.”

Matthew Williams, another man of many hats at Toon Zone, also sometimes posts on the Toonami board. He runs the Adult Swim section and does a lot with Toon Zone News.

16) What happened to Mobile Suit Gundam?

Mobile Suit Gundam aired on Toonami from late June 2001 through September 10th 2001. It reappeared on September 12th for one episode and then again at the end of that year as a part of Toonami’s New Year’s Evil. Afterwards it aired for awhile on Adult Swim.

Cartoon Network’s reason for pulling Mobile Suit Gundam from Toonami was given in this interview at Anime News Network:

“How much effect did the events of Sept. 11th have on CN's editing standards? Both Mobile Suit Gundam and Cowboy Bebop disappeared from the schedule for a couple of weeks and Cowboy Bebop had a missile hit against a skyscraper edited out.

Well, I don't think anyone would begrudge us for taking out that type of content. Mobile Suit Gundam is a show about war and death, and CN decided it was not appropriate to air it at that time. With Bebop, that image was deemed sensitive and we were asked to cut it out. As it wasn't removing anything pivotal, we agreed.”

Cartoon Network also provided some information regarding how well Mobile Suit Gundam was received through this interview at Anime News Network:

“How was the initial fan reaction to Mobile Suit Gundam? Was it met with favor from the fans or scorn over it's obvious older animation? How do fans react to it now that it's nearly halfway through?

So far the fans seem to like MS Gundam. The ratings have been solid and that is definitely incredible for an older show. The ratings have been steady and feedback has been positive. People are looking forward to more Gundam series set in the "Universal Century" timeline.”

17) Is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming to Toonami? (The Hyper Luigi Clause, Part 2)

Not for now and there has been no indication that it is coming any time in the future. The series currently airs Saturday mornings on Fox Box.

18) When will new Yu Yu Hakusho episodes air on Toonami?

There has not been any official information released regarding this, but a guess would be maybe by the end of the year.

19) What currently airs on Toonami?

All Times Eastern

5.0 PM - Justice League - 3rd Toonami run
5.5 PM - Dragonball Z - Frieza Saga
6.0 PM - Cyborg 009 - 2nd run of the first season
6.5 PM - Yu Yu Hakusho - 3rd run of the first season

For the complete schedule check out the Offical Toonami Schedule Thread.

20) What is Coming to Toonami/Schedule Changes
September 1st
5.0 SD Gundam (World Premiere)
5.5 Dragonball Z (Garlic Jr./Trunks Saga)
6.0 Cyborg 009 (Reruns)
6.5 Dragonball (Season 3)

September 14th-19th
(Unspecified Time) Immortal Grand Prix (Total Immersion Event)

Cartoon Network's Toonami: IGPX (Immortal Grand Prix) transports Toonami fans to the year 2035 and into the exciting world of motor sport competition. During the five-day event, viewers will follow the members of Team Suzuki and Team Sledge Mamma through a series of 5-minute episodes as they battle to win the IGPX competition. The battle continues online at Toonami.com with an exclusive video game.

September Fridays
5.0 SD Gundam (World Premiere)
5.5 Dragonball Z (Garlic Jr./Trunks Saga)
6.0 Bardock: The Father of Goku (September 5th)
6.0 The History of Trunks (September 12th)
6.0 Cooler's Revenge (September 19th)
6.0 The Return of Cooler (September 26th)

September 29th
5.0 SD Gundam (World Premiere)
5.5 Samurai Jack (Toonami Premiere)

6.0 Transformers: Armada (Returning Series)
6.5 Dragonball (Season 3)

October Fridays (Confirmed for 5th, Speculation for Rest)
5.0 SD Gundam (World Premiere)
5.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (End of Season 1/Beginning of Season 2)
6.0 Transformers Armada (The Unicron Battles)
6.5 Hot Wheels Highway 35 (Toonami Premiere)

November 2003

- Weekdays Monday November 10th through Thursday November 20th Star Wars: Clone Wars will air at 5.0 PM.

Late 2003/Early 2004

- Dragonball GT

Spring 2004

- Transformers Energon

Second Half 2004

- Groove Adventure Rave

21) In which countries does Toonami air?

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Poland, India, Japan, "Latin America," Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States. Toonami likely airs in other European countries as well, but their websites are much less informative. The United Kingdom version is a full-on channel that is replacing CNX. The Latin American version was entitled "Talisman" for some point.

Not So Frequently Asked Questions

22) Who are these moderators?

CC-Sama - We don’t see him around much anymore, but he now works for ADV.

Dark Spider - Dark Spider is very busy these days, but he is still around occasionally. He also moderates the Toon Zone Video Games message board.

Jeff Harris - Jeff is the webmaster of The Bridge, and possibly the unluckiest guy you'd ever have the pleasure of knowing. If the Toonami fandom is an army, this guy is the Commander in Chief, having head up most of the 'net battles for the block.

Knux Five - Man about the TICA, he's done everything from moderating ToonZone, reporting for Toonami Infolink, research for Toonami: Absolution NeXt, and a column on The Bridge, alongside constantly bugging Tyler about Better Cartoon Show promos. Currently a college student and dying for a job at a local comic shop.

TylerL - Tyler is the co-runner of Toonami: Digital Arsenal and works for the good folks at Apple. When the subject of captured video comes up, this is the guy they go to. ... it's a miracle he hasn't killed us.

William C. Maune - William C. Maune is a law student, Meteorologist and former radio DJ. He is known as Meteo at Toonami Infolink. He's probably the dude with the most notable work experience that doesn't involve animé, Macs, and comic book shops.

23) What is a Tanuki?

Raccoon <---This is a raccoon.

Raccoon Dog/Tanuki <---This is a Raccoon dog, also known in Japan as a Tanuki.

Tanuki live in Japan, Raccoons do not. Raccoons are members of the Procyonidae family along with red pandas, kinkajous and cocamistles. Tanuki are canines. Tanuki have a long folklore tradition in Japan. Raccoons don't. There's a different between the two, facial markings withstanding. (Thanks to D. Shaffer)

Now you know the difference between a raccoon and a tanuki, however if the particular show being discussed refers what is actually a tanuki as a raccoon then I guess either term is acceptable.

Probably the most notable appearance of a Tanuki would be the Tanuki Suit in the mega-hit Super Mario Bros. 3.

24) The List

As we said above (I think), talk about what has aired on Toonami or is related to Toonami. Here's the list, and a little about each.

Batman: The Animated Series -
The adventures of the Dark Knight, Toonami has aired all of the episodes and the first three movies/OVAs. Currently, it has not aired Mystery of the Batwoman and the mini-episode "Chase Me", or any of his appearances on Static Shock.

Batman Beyond (Batman of the Future) -
The Dark Knight in the year 2039, Toonami aired all the episodes. Along with the American premiere of the last to air episode "Unmasked", fans voted on Return of the Joker to air, albeit edited.

The Big O -
Batman + Bond + Giant city-smashing robot. Thanks to Toonami airing the first season, Cartoon Network funded a second season that is exclusively on Adult Swim. Uncut, CN doesn't have to air the Toonami-made "Cast In The Name Of Good" catchphrase.

Blue Submarine No. 6 -
This 4-episode OVA series aired for one week, and later aired as a 3-hour movie.

Cardcaptors -
Part of the Kids' WB invasion on Cartoon Network, Toonami aired this show. Many fans considered it to be a butchering of Card Captor Sakura. After it's initial summer run, it has never returned.

Cartoon Roulette -
Old Hanna-Barbara toons rolled into a show, which included Space Ghost, Birdman, the Galaxy Trio, and the like.

Cyborg 009 -
This show joined the block in June of 2003 and was the first Toonami show obtained from Sony. It features nine cyborgs fighting to stop the evil organization that created them, Black Ghost.

Dragonball -
The original adventures of Goku and friends, it is notable for being doubled up with new episodes when Mobile Suit Gundam departed.

Dragonball Z -
Toonami's flagship show, it is notable for having the most intros, promos, airings, episodes aired... ANYTHING on the block. The first three movies aired (In reverse order, I believe).

GI Joe -
The Real American Heroes, GI Joe aired as part of the final Midnight Run. Toonami aired the movie in episodic format.

Gundam 0080 -
A Midnight Run Exclusive, this six episode mini-series aired, covering a boy, his Zeonic friend, and nuclear annhilation.

Gundam: The 08th MS Team -
This series aired initially on the Midnight Run, and then later on the daily run. Showing the exploits of a military team in UC 0079, Toonami has yet to air the post-series special.

Gundam Wing -
The original "bad boys" show that kicked off the Gundam revolution, this alternate universe story has the notoriety of being the ONLY Toonami show to air both cut (Daily) and nearly-uncut (Midnight). Endless Waltz, it's movie, also aired.

Mobile Suit Gundam -
The original Gundam series was remastered by Bandai for Toonami. Thanks to the world stage in September 2001, it was pulled. Char won a spot on New Years' Eve-il. After that, MSG had been sent to a Adult Swim Action spot, which aired it's movie.

G-Force -
The second of three translations of Gatchaman, it aired in during the Moltar and TOM1 eras. It was co-produced by Sandy Frank Productions and Turner Broadcasting (airing on TBS in the 80s for one week) and distributed by King Features. Other translations of Gatchaman were the popular 70s version Battle of the Planets and the 90s Saban-guided Eagle Riders. A fourth translation is coming to television this fall in most markets.

G-Gundam -
The second alternate universe Gundam series to air on the block (and actually the first one created), Toonami aired all the episodes of this quirky tale. Notable for being promoted by a character FROM the show.

.hack//SIGN -
Four episodes of this show aired as the first Super Saturdays premiere before jumping ship to SVES.

Hamtaro -
The show about hamsters that aired only due to scheduling, it is considered the bane of many a fan, thansk to it's catchy theme songs. Notable for having TOM2 speak in it's intro and having Peter Cullen say "mad skillz".

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe -
Toonami premiered the first three episodes as a movie, and later aired new episodes on Fridays and reruns throughout the week.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest -
The original Dragonball Z, as some fans call it, thanks to it being aired ad nauseum on Toonami. Notable for not having any Toonami-made intro, TOM1 broke up with the cast years ago. The only time it has returned was during a "bad times" segment on a promo.

Justice League -
From the people that brought you Batman, Superman and Beyond, you now get seven superheroes for your half hour. This is one of the few Toonami shows to not air its episodes in intended order.

Outlaw Star -
25 out of 26 episodes aired of this show about outlaws amongst the stars. Later aired as part of a makeshift Adult Swim Action.

The Powerpuff Girls -
Multiple episodes of this series aired as filler on Toonami, and then gained spots on the original Midnight Run AND the daily run to help promote the movie... which has not aired on Toonami as of yet.

ReBoot -
Toonami was the American premiere of Season 3. Thanks to renewed interest, Mainframe created a special 8-episode Season 4 that aired on Fridays. 6 out of those 8 episodes have only aired in America once, thanks to backstage disagreements.

Ronin Warriors -
The show about the Power Rangers-like team, Toonami aired all it's episode, outside of the OVA.

Rurouni Kenshin -
The first Toonami show obtained from Media Blasters, Williams St. had wanted to put it on the block for four years before it finally aired. This historical action/drama follows the journey's of Kenshin and friends as he struggles to protect those he cares about while upholding his vow to never kill again.

Robotech -
This classic early Toonami show recently returned for three episodes during Giant Robot Week.

Sailor Moon -
The block's first breakout hit, it was the first Toonami show to premiere new to America episodes. It follows the exploits of the Sailor Scouts as they battle to win hearts and foil evil.

SD Gundam -
The first "Made for America" Gundam series, the Superior Defenders... defend... superiorly, all while being cute, tiny, and fun-sized.

Superfriends -
Some old Batman and Superman shorts were reworked into a Superfriends show.

Thundercats -
This classic 80s series that made its way to Toonami features the Thundercats taking on the evil Mumm-Ra.

Tenchi Muyo! -
The first of three Tenchi series Toonami aired, it was an OAV series in Japan with 13 episodes. In each series Tenchi must stop some evil force while dealing with many girls who all want him. Toonami has not aired the last bunch of episodes that are currently airing in Japan and will be dubbed by FUNimation later.

Tenchi Universe -
A reimagining of Tenchi Muyo! in a 26 episode television series, it is notable for bringing Kiyone into the TV mix.

Tenchi in Tokyo -
Another reimagining in a 26 episode television series only this time with a larger change in setting. Tenchi's tired of both the girls and rural Japan, so he moves off to Tokyo and gets a fictional girlfriend... or something. Widely considered to be the bad egg of Tenchi.

Transformers Armada -
Along with the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe this was the first show to make its worldwide premiere on Toonami. The Autobots must battle the Decepticons for control of the Minicons.

Voltron -
A classic series that aired during Toonami's early era.

Yu Yu Hakusho -
The first show to come to Toonami by way of Adult Swim. Yusuke and friends must stop the evil plots of demons.

Zoids - (Zoids New Century/0, Zoids Zero) -
While the first to air on Toonami, this is actually the third season of Zoids. However, there is not much connection between this and the first two seasons. A more "fun" series, the show concerns itself with action and comedy more than plot.

"Classic" Zoids - (Zoids: Chaotic Century, Zoids: Guardian Force) -
Chaotic Century and Guardian Force are the first two seasons of Zoids respectively. While referred to as "classic" by Cartoon Network, the series was actually made in the last few years. This incarnation of Zoids is much heavier on plot and features a large cast of important characters. It was the 2002 CNX (The X Bridge) show of the year.

25) The Guest List
Some shows have been on Toonami in limited capacity.

Beast Wars -
The battle between Optimus Primal and Megatron had some episodes premiered on Toonami, kicking off Jonny Quest.

Dai Gaurd -
The public relations mascot for a company came to life as part of Toonami's Giant Robot Week.

Gigantor -
2 episodes of the original giant robot were split up throughout Giant Robot Week.

Nadesico -
One of the shows in GRW, it followed the adventures of a crew of misfits, including a cook and voice actress.

Neon Genesis Evangelion -
One of the biggest surprises, the show about the fight against Angels made it's American premiere on Toonami.

Samurai Jack -
The samurai and shape-shifting demon guest starred on Toonami one weekend, and is scheduled for a Toonami run in the winter.

Gorillaz, Daft Punk, The White Stripes -
A while ago, there was the Midnight Run: Special Edition, a one-hour block that showcased the best action and animation... from music videos. With TOM3 came AMVs during commercial breaks.

26) The Related List
The above was the direct list; all those shows have aired on Toonami. Now THIS is the list of shows related to the Toonami shows, one way or the other. Some have a chance at Toonami, some don't.

Hot Wheels Highway 35 -
This "decent if you actually watched it" series will be airing Fridays in October.

Gundam SEED, Zeta, ZZ, SD Gundam, 0083 -
The preceding shows are alternate universe stories, sequels, or basis for the Gundam series, including Superior Defender. SEED is nearly confirmed for Toonami. 0083 was headed for Toonami before AS popped up.

Static Shock-
Set in the animated DC Universe, Batman, Superman, and the Justice League have all shown up in Dakota City.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars -
The final season in the animated Sailor Moon series, this series has not been dubbed due to the... well... fact that three Rangers... er... Sailors change genders. If it was dubbed, it would have gone to Toonami.

Teen Titans -
This near-animé DC Universe show had Robin, the now-Teen Wonder heading up a team of the next generation of heroes.

The Zeta Project -
Spinoff of Batman Beyond, Terry showed up on there once.

The Transformers, Transformers G2, Transformers: Headmasters/Masterforce/Victory/Robots in Disguise, Beast Wars/Wars II/Wars Neo/Machines -
The preceding shows are sequels/prequels/foreign takes on Toonami's own Beast Wars and Armada. (Thanks to Aberration)

Transformers: Energon -
The "10 years later" sequel to Transformers: Armada, this cel-shaded series has been reported to come to Toonami, but things can change.

.hack//DUSK -
The semi-sequel to .hack//SIGN.

Tenchi Muyo! GXP -
Acquired by FUNimation, this is about the adventures of Tenchi's cousin. The whole gang shows up in one episode.

Dragonball GT -
The sequel to Dragonball Z.

Jackie Chan Adventures, X-Men: Evolution -
Nearly guaranteed to end up on Toonami SOMETIME, these shows aired
on KWB and CN.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -
Japan gets all the good stuff. This is a live-action series based on our favorite sailor suited heroine.

One Piece, Naruto, Shaman King -
Shows that came from Shonen Jump and are essentially guaranteed to air in America, the companies that have acquired the license could either get reairings to Toonami or premieres on Toonami. Dragonball, Yu-Yu Hakusho, and Rurouni Kenshin have already done it.

Rescue Heroes GRT, Detention, Generation O!, Scooby-Doo -
Aired on Kids' WB Toonami.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo/Turbo/In Space/Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Rescue/TimeForce/Wild Force/Ninja Storm/Dino Thunder, Kikaider -
From the mind that brought you Cyborg 009, these shows were either directly created by him, or inspired by him.

Pilot Candidate/Candidate for Goddess -
This universally lambasted mecha series was headed for Toonami, but was diverted to Adult Swim with Toonami-level edits.

Detective Conan -
Acquired by FUNimation, it has a good chance of being "Only Toonami"

Street Fighter II V, Inuyasha, Pokémon -
Aired on foreign Toonamis.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -

Japan -
Cartoon Network is currently eyeing Japan for broadcast in 2004.


Hey, I want to be Ussop!
Jan 18, 2002
Um...I'll get back to you
Impressive list, WCM. I can't believe you wrote all this stuff down about the history and protocall involving Toonami and this board. (even down to a "Hyper Luigi" clause) But I wonder why this place is called "TICA": are we now associated with another Toonami page or is it still Jeff's?


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Oct 8, 2002
United States
I like this list of shows but shouldn't the Kid's WB Toonami be included for completion's sake?

William C. Maune

TZ News Editor in Chief
Nov 26, 2001
Castle Wyvern, Missouri
"Impressive list, WCM. I can't believe you wrote all this stuff down about the history and protocall involving Toonami and this board."

- Thanks! Although a lot of credit, especially in the sections on Toonami shows should go to KnuxFive as well.

"But I wonder why this place is called "TICA": are we now associated with another Toonami page or is it still Jeff's?"

- Jeff pretty much heads up TICA and it was in the banner at the top of the board. Plus, I figured for now I would name the thread something less generic than just Toonami Message Board FAQ.

"I like this list of shows but shouldn't the Kid's WB Toonami be included for completion's sake?"

- Yep, something about Kids WB Toonami should be included. I'll add that soon. It probably won't be in the list of shows though. Jeff has said in the past that for the purposes of his site (and the board) that Kids WB Toonami is not truely considered part of Toonami.

"Good job on the FAQ, although there were some minor mistakes here and there."

- What were they? We are looking for input so if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know. I gave it another proofread before posting it this morning, but it was at 6 AM.

"Hmm can we PM others with regards to downloading the questionable stuff?"

- As this is more of an informational thread I'll answer your questions, however I'll just say that we can't see what goes on in PMs. Now this part of the discussion shall be closed as it falls under the category of talking about how to download questionable stuff (FAQ Section 2).

"No mention of Pepito?
Well, it's been nice knowing you..."

- This has been rectified, I just now hope the gnomes don't find me in the night. Can I blame this on Knux? What's that sound? NOOOooooo..... ...

Lord Ashram

Ninja Man
Jan 11, 2003
New Jersey
I only picked out two possible errors. One was in the list of examples for Cartoon Roulette shows. The old Birdman is listed as "Harvey Birdman". There might've been another in the description of Tenchi Muyo! GXP. I *think* the main character is Tenchi's neighbor, not his cousin.

William C. Maune

TZ News Editor in Chief
Nov 26, 2001
Castle Wyvern, Missouri
Thanks for your help! I have fixed the Birdman part, but I am leaving the Tenchi part alone for now until more confirmation. Anyone want to weigh in?

I have also added a link to the Offical Toonami Schedule Thread and a paragraph on Kids WB Toonami in Section 3.

Nik Jam

Playing the Angel
Jan 18, 2002
there's definetely some things that could be added like information about the promos or more "close to toonami" shows. But all the show information was covered and overall it's a pretty good FAQ.

one thing I noticed was that G-Gundam was "The second alternate universe Gundam series" which is true Toonami wise, but we sure don't want people to think it's the second one period.


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Oct 8, 2002
United States
In the section where it mentions the current talkbacks, I suggest it includes links to them.

William C. Maune

TZ News Editor in Chief
Nov 26, 2001
Castle Wyvern, Missouri
Four links added!

Edit: Due to the suggestion by NikJam I have revised the G Gundam paragraph.

Edit: FAQ changed with a revised definition of CNX and the addition of a paragraph on G Force. Both thanks to Jeff Harris.

Chad Bonin

a.k.a. Knux Five
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Jan 6, 2002
gaijINside Command Center

I believe that the whole point of GXP is that Seina joins GXP because he has some DNA reminiscent of Tenchi's... or something.


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Feb 9, 2002
Queens, New York, USA
Why does the FAQ say that Gundam WIng ran "nearly uncut" on the Midnight Run? Was there anything changed that was in the uncut dub on the DVD?

And in the listing of all those Transformers shows, why does it say "(Japan Only)" after Beast Wars?


Active Member
Jun 2, 2002
UK. Scotland
That was worth my time reading.

Loved some of the quips.
"the Superior Defenders... defend... superiorly"

"Japan gets all the good stuff" (On PGSM)

oh and you forgot Yu-gi-oh in the "Aired on Toonami KWB" part of "Related"
Last edited by a moderator:

Chad Bonin

a.k.a. Knux Five
Staff member
Jan 6, 2002
gaijINside Command Center

Gundam Wing, nearly uncut-
While it was advertised as uncut, I believe there were some edits in the final episodes (The Quatre/Dorothy fight, I want to say) that may or may not have also been on the DVDs.

Beast Wars, only Japan-
Toonami hasn't aired any of the "Beast Wars" animés, just the American/Canadian CG series. If anyone can supply a list of all the other Transformers series (Like England's Headmasters, etc.)...

KWB Toonami-
I wasn't sure if KWB aired Yu-Gi-Oh!, I thought it was in that phase where it had new episodes on Saturday, but not throughout the week. You're probably right... but I'll fight that Nightmare Room aired on it.

Nobuyuki sama

Simply Irresponsible
Oct 27, 2002
KnuxFive said:
I believe that the whole point of GXP is that Seina joins GXP because he has some DNA reminiscent of Tenchi's... or something.
More like he's recruited because he's mistakenly believed to be one of Tenchi's relatives.
I think it will turn out that one of Tenchi's cousins is on the show, but it's not Seina. ;)


Templar Rodimus
Sep 19, 2002
KnuxFive said:
Beast Wars, only Japan-
Toonami hasn't aired any of the "Beast Wars" animés, just the American/Canadian CG series. If anyone can supply a list of all the other Transformers series (Like England's Headmasters, etc.)...

Are you talking about -all- TF series, or just ones that have aired on some incarnation of Toonami? If it's all series, here goes... *deep breath*

The Transformers (aka "G1") (1984 -1987), US & Japan
Transformers: Headmasters (1987), Japan only
Transformers: Masterforce (1988), Japan only
Transformers: Victory (1989), Japan only
Beast Wars (1996-1999), US & Japan (seasons 2 & 3 aka "Beast Wars Metals" in Japan)
Beast Wars II (1998), Japan only
Beast Wars Neo (1999), Japan only
Beast Machines (1999), US only
Transformers: Car Robots (2000), US & Japan (aka "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" in US)
Transformers: Armada (2002-2003), US & Japan (aka "Transformers: Micron Legend" in Japan)
Transformers: Energon (in production), US & Japan (probably)

Additionally, there are some movies and OVAs (both US & Japan) out there, but you just asked for series, and I'm feeling lazy tonight :p I -think- there might be a cartoon based on Hasbro's preschool-oriented Go-Bots toys, which are NOT related to the 80's toyline featuring Leader-1 and Cy-Kill. Oh, and X-Men producer Tom DeSanto's trying to get a live-action movie going, if you didn't know it. Hope this helps...

(BTW: There exists an English-dubbed version of the Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory series, produced for StarTV in the Phillipines. The dub is horrid though, and has not been made commercially available, but ummm, you can probably find it if you try.)
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