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This is a reminder that the Marvel Animation Board does not participate in the traditional annual April Fools' Day events here at the Toon Zone forums. Plenty of other boards allow them, so feel free to join any of the topics there. Any April Fools' Day threads or posts on this board will be deleted, and infractions will be handed out if necessary. Please respect this request and keep any April Fools' Day pranks off this forum. Thank you.
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Should I come back honestly? I don't think anybody missed me, but idk.
DC Superhero Girls, Infinite Train, Victor & Valentino, Thundercats Roar, Care Bears: Unlock The Magic, High Guardian Spice, Owl House, Amphibia, The Steven Universe Movie, She-Ra S2 and on, MLP S9/New Equestria Girls Specials, Rescue Bots Academy, Season 2 of Craig of the Creek, New OK KO Let's Be Heroes,etc. So much awesome animated content coming in 2019 it's crazy!! Its a great time to be a fan of animation!! Hey if Wolverine can be rated-R, and if Harley Quinn can get an R-rated animated series, plus if John Bloddy Constantine can be in Justice League Action, I can't see why Deadpool can't be PG-13.
>Voltron's final season
>Spiderverse hits theaters
>end of finals week

Friday can't come soon enough.