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May 18, 2006
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Okay ever since season 2 ended I wanted to do this thread and hey with season 3 now being 100% official thought now was the time for it. Since this would feel wrong in just the general News thread about the show because... well this isn't news more like speculation of certain ideas and mostly characters I'd like to see them explore in the show. These are the ones that stick out most to me that I want to talk about and throw in any ideas you want to see the now HBO Max series explore in future episodes.

1. Ra's Al Ghoul - The biggest of Batman's Rouge Gallery who didn't really factor at all into the first two seasons who honestly would fit more if the show instead of being more Gotham focused went more on a "traveling the world esque set up" like hinted at in "Bachelorette" but either way I really feel needs to have a place in the next season. There's a funny runner idea I had about Ra's daughter Tailia being really petty and vindicative against Harley who has no idea why but the audience would get due to how Harley rejected her son as her nemesis back in the first season but honestly I think this really needs to happen from a character perspective for Ivy. Since yeah even in this show Ivy's whole think is saving nature and environment but it's harder to really grasp exactly where her line in how far she would go for that is. Like we know more about Harley's line but Ivy is a bit more up in the air. Well that would be something to really analyze with Ra's who is also about trying to save the world but is a lot more meglomaniacal and willing to off most of the rest of the population to suit those goals. And honestly in some cases Ivy can go on that level so it will be interesting seeing if due to her connection with Harley how tempted she would be about someone like Ra's and his ambitions and if it would make her rethink her own goals. Like the show's yet to really nail how much a bad guy she is but in a confirntation with Ra's that would come out and that's something I really do want to see.

2. The Mad Hatter. I admit unlike with Ra's this is a much more selfish and goofy set up idea that doesn't really have a character arc or really any sort of significant story meat behind it. But just like we had the episode that took place in Harley's Mind I kind of want to have a Wonderland episode but with Harley and Ivy in the Alice roles having to go through the rabbbit hole to chase after Hatter and carcastically rifting and being annoyed by a Wonderland esque place. I'm sure it would have to have some tie to a character or drive but honestly just the idea itself I would find so amusing and honestly this is the kind of show that's grounded yet silly enough to really go there. I mean they did that whole bit with Apokolypis in the last season something tells me if they could think of a good enough hook they could do so here. Also Hatter IMHO is one of the more sort of pathetic villians I could also see a lot of goob jabs being thrown his way as well I'd want to see.

3. Mr. Mzyzptlk - Now originally I just wanted to see this because like with Darkseid I want them to get back the original STAS actor, Gilbert Gottfried, to voice this role. However this time around they can play to Gottfried's taste and styles of dirtier jokes with obviously fowl lyrics that you wouldn't of heard in most of his other voice acting roles that I still think would lead to a lot of funny bits. And yeah I still want this for that reason but I thought of more of a story reason for him to appear; a team up with Dr. Psycho. Like maybe he tried messing with Superman and got nowhere and then found out about Psycho and recruits him hearing about his story and the two wind up becoming friends and sort of forming an alliance. I mean Psycho was placed in Arkham at the end of last season so he's still around to be used and this wouldn't be like the main villain plot again either just a more side comedic plot seeing these two guys sort of have to go against one another which again seems tailor made for hilarity.

4. Dr. Jason Woodrue/The Flourenic Man - I'm grouping up the original and the alter villain ego for a reason. Now one of the things the team said they did want to explore in a third season is Ivy's origin. And well Jason ties well into who Pamela becamse so he seems like a shoo in for someone to appear in this season. However in addition to a flashack of Jason I do want to see the actual Flourenic Man in the show. And honestly I want them to go with one of by far his most goofy and out there storylines ever introduced in the comics; having him come up with a plan to get everyone in the world high on marijuana in an effort to save humanity from it's violent impulses... yeah that was a thing that really did happen in the comics and in most shows and series you couldn't really show for either censor reasons or well the show itself not fitting that tone. But yeah sorry that's just so perfect here. I mean you already have Frank and his drug guy so maybe they would wind up helping Flourenic Man and you could have this funny scene of the cast baked or something and having to stumble around to get everyone off their buzz and... again just feels like one of those things that write themselves I'd really love to see put on screen.

5. Amanda Waller - Now the Suicide Squad was mentioned in season one as a group that kept asking Harley to join despite her annoyance in doing so thus we know they're around and have some sort of connection to Quinn. That however since we're getting more feels like something they can spend an entire episode on; Harley and Ivy stuck in the Squad having to be put on a mission by Amanda and dealing with the other members and their hijinks until they find a way out of Waller's cluthces. This is kind of like the Mad Hatter idea as I just think it's a fun concept in general but it seems something that'd be a lot easier to do in connection to a story and an overal motive espeically since we saw how Harley and Ivy reacted to Bane's attempt at correction last season. But this time around it's being forced into these live and death missions they'd have no interst in if their lives weren't literally on the line. Think you could do a lot of fun with that.

6. Cheetah - To me at least in this universe this screams like a foil to Catwoman. Since yeah in this universe Selina is the perfectly put together seems to be on top and has everything calm and cool and collected that even people like Ivy fawn over. But honestly there's always going to be someone in this world who will be your superior in that regard to in some form or another so what if in this world that was Cheetah who puts Selina on a lower level and uh... Harley and Ivy have to help out for whatever reason. Okay none of these are concrete building blocks just ideas but this is still something I think would make for a good episode hopefully not just one with a bunch of cat puns in it or something.

7. Punchline - This is probably the character I want most in the next season but also the one who has the least chance of showing up. Why? Well the team admitted they know people want her in but don't feel she'd have a place just being "another girlfriend for Joker when we want to focus on Harley and Ivy's relationship. And yeah I want them to do that too but I also want that come into conflict with other characters and honestly I think the team don't really get the character of Punchline and why she'd be great for this show. See someone like Harley QUinn when she fell for the joker felt more for the man and the believe that she could either change him or loved him feeling he was as insane for her just in his own demented way. Someone like Punchline though doesn't really care about the Joker as a boyfriend but rather the ideals and anarchy he is about and the chaos that he spreads. That's why she's into him; what he can do and how he can mess with people. Thus she would be more just an antgonist trying to motivate him then like a girlfriend role. And since they clearly left Joker alive in another relationship at the end of the show they can play out and see the toll that takes on Punchline as she has to act as the muscle of the group while Joker is away and more on her philsophy and how that might get her to turn on Joker. There's way more to this character then just another love interest that I hope the team realizes the potential of sooner then later.

Well that's my list. Give me yours and what you want to see in this show's upcoming season below


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May 28, 2010
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I want to see them confirm Clayface is Basil Karlo because I'm just that nitpicky as a fanboy :p.

But in all seriousness I kind of want to see if Harley's character development sticks. It seems like she was trying to migrate away from being a pure criminal or someone who gets off on senseless violence and actually become a better person, but I'm not sure the show can ever get away from the appeal of her being an unapologetically violent person on the outskirts of the law.

I want to see Zatanna get some actual dialogue. They also had Scott Porter playing The Flash, which feels like something we should see more of outside of one line.

I want to see Batgirl migrate from the homemade costume to an official costume and be less of a pal to Harley. I don't know how much Batman we're going to see, but we haven't gotten a lot of Bruce and Babs focus as of late so that would be kind of fun to see explored more.

Nightwing and the Titans would be nice.

I feel like Cheetah being the token female member of the Legion needs to be explored a little. I mean, she's that and Wonder Woman's Archenemy, so it feels like there should be something there.


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