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Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
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Sep 24, 2003
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Stars Hollow

The things you see on online auctions. All-Stars is there as an ending joke, but it's almost not one.

Also note that I have an eBay auction going, for a coveted shrinkwrapped game I've been saving for just such an occasion....the occasion being a $250 handheld I've already preordered. Hopefully, its presence at the bottom of this page will guarantee a sale.
"Phear" was actually the original title of Tetrisphere. Nintendo saw their show at CES in 1995 and secured publishing rights for it so it went to the N64 instead of the Jaguar. That would explain its rather strange control scheme which didn't seem matched up to take advantage of the analog stick and used the D-Pad instead.


"It's against nature!"
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Interestingly and paradoxically, the things that I'd actually might pay money for (like the Chrono Cross clock) are less expensive than the totally ridiculous stuff only the most ostentatious collector would want (like the international Yoshi's Story cart).

This list also makes my inability to procure an EarthBound cart sting even more. The average eBay price for one is more than half the items on Mars' list, the competition is absolutely cutthroat, and reminds of the fact that I inadvertently forfeited at least two opportunities to buy it for 30 bucks IRL.
Aug 20, 2010
If I had money to burn, I'd feel oddly compelled to buy that Pokemon Snap print station. I don't think I'd ever even use it; it'd just be around to look nice.

The cheapest copy of Shantae I could find anywhere was $138 (used) on Amazon. No real mystery there; a good (from what I take going off of old reviews), non-shovelware GBC title released in 2002? Too bad that, more than likely, nobody will ever take it upon themselves to re-release this; I'd like to play it, but not for that much.

The Nameless

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Jul 30, 2007
I want that N64 sign. And forget Christmas, I'd have it up every day.

Also I'm wondering what kind of store would sell Wisdom Tree games; maybe unlicensed NES titles were easy to come by back then?

J. B. Warner

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Nov 20, 2003
Anywhere you're not
That Lara Croft bust (ahem) is kind of creepy-looking. I bet if it was a full-sized statue like Link, people would be stepping over each other to buy it.

I wonder if anyone would actually pay $10,000 for every SNES game ever made. Do you think they'd sit down and play every single one, too?

"I don't think Pac-Man would wear a plastic smock with a picture of himself on it."
"He would on Halloween!"

Yet another Internet article singing the praises of Shantae. I'll just assume that everyone is right when they say it was the best game ever and move on with my life.

Zorak Masaki

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May 6, 2002
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Also I'm wondering what kind of store would sell Wisdom Tree games; maybe unlicensed NES titles were easy to come by back then?
Pretty much, as i remember Electronics Boutique (now EB Games) had a section devoted to the unlicensed NES games (put seperately from the licensed titles). However, when it comes to Wisdom Tree, i think they were mainly sold through Christian bookstores.
Oct 11, 2010
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The Wolverine State
The prototype for those evil pay-to-play attachments
I would buy it just to burn it


The generic piano music relaxes me whenever I turn on the hotel's TV. Besides, I secretly want an emulator for it, and an emulator for those Instant Entertainment swipecard movie-ordering systems (legally simul-purchasing your own movie from your DVD collection, of course)

Sorry I had to rant, but this stuff makes traveling through the country...fun. (and besides, I never played enough to constantly ask for more playtime)

Just trying to form my own opinion. Starting with Wall-E it was hard to form my own opinion based on what I saw from the movie, because I see it once before it comes on on DVD and Blu-ray, so making a comment on Cartoon Brew is hard, and I always have joined the bandwagon on t boycotting he Yogi Bear movie and sometimes Kennedy animation in "Tiny Toons".

Oct 11, 2010
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The Wolverine State
They're a pain if you brought your own game system and want to attach that instead. Usually the Lodgenet device blocks you from doing that because they want your money.
It's JUST BUSINESS, besides most of the analog TV's that have probably Lodgenet don't have A/V inputs in the back, I am proud being the sucker I am, and I think you need "vacation thearpy".
Nov 20, 2010
Hillsboro, OR
Christian Supply used to have a collection of religious video games; most of them were of course unlicensed well into the 90s as I understand.

As for the LodgeNet, the reason why they had development boards was that each LodgeNet system was custom for each hotel chain; most chains hired some developer to setup the system for each hotel. Each Hotel could pick their own TV model so you could always slap a box on the top and call it good; the developer was responsible for actually making the TV work with the LodgeNet hardware; so in most cases, the LodgeNet box was hardwired into the TV to completely bypass the tuner inside because the box actually also did PPV and what not. Crazy, I know...but it worked. Thats why they had no composite input.

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