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I actually have seen kids play with jacks, but only once.

Apparently Google's a hardcore trekkie, but Gigablast is not:

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some kid actually did save someone with the Heimlich maneuver by learning it from media, but it was the Simpsons, not ALF.
And we have a few Dairy Queens in my area that were originally Braziers, but converted to the more modern "Grill and Chill" not long ago.
P.S. Besides this year's crop of misfit Christmas specials, what else is in the cards for this site?
My local Dairy Queen still has Brazier signage. And it's right near a Citgo that's not only still a Citgo, but also an ex-Philips 66 station, with the crazy triangular gas awning they had then.

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Finally, someone who understands! I've been hunting ALF comics for years to mostly blank faces. Star Comics in general are underappreciated but ALF's one of the crown jewels. Thanks for this bounty.

Side note- long-time Platypus Comix reader, big fan.


I am a DuMont production.
I loved "The Ren and Stimpy" comic books when I was a kid. I still have some of them.


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Despite the bad sales, ALF was given a 48-page final issue because it was mandatory in those days that every Marvel comic be given a giant-size special for every fifty issues it stayed in print. I have no idea if this is still the case because....when was the last time an original Marvel comic book made it to fifty issues before being cancelled or rebooted or renumbered?
Cable and Deadpool issue #50 has six more pages than the issues before it, although it came out back in 2008.


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Yeah, the newest Marvel comics series I completed, Posehn and Duggan's Deadpool, doesn't have an issue #50, but I hoped I could at least help figure out whether or not the trend continued into the 21st century.


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