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Peter Paltridge

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Sep 24, 2003
Stars Hollow
Apparently the uncut Doggie Hell scene from All Dogs Go To Heaven was found a few years ago. You can tell what the deleted bits are because they're far blurrier. Less was cut than you might think, but the main missing piece is Hellhound eating lava and then going "YOU....ARE....MIIIINE" right at the camera as lava gets everywhere. Looks pretty freaky, but everything else is barely tamer than that....I'm surprised at what they DID leave in.


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The winner of this matchup is "Littlest Pet Shop Of Horrors", which got 3 votes. "Terrifying Tristate Trilogy Of Terror" got nothing. The next matchup is between the My Little Pony episode "Luna Eclipsed" and The Casagrandes episode "New Haunts".

Three days late but happy 10th anniversary to one of my favorite CN shows. Happy 10th birthday to Sym-Bionic Titan.
Damn, now I have to buy another Hot Rod figure.
At last, I am back, and this time, I am DONE commenting on the Coronavirus thread in the Cafe Toonzone forum. It just causes problems for me.