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Aug 21, 2010
Great Meadows, NJ
For one season, there was a group of Power Rangers smart enough to question everything they were doing:
Ah yes, RPM. A season only made for contractual reasons, and which got screwed over by Disney at every opportunity. That didn't stop them from making an incredibly-goofy Japanese source show into a show about protecting the last human city from a crazed computer virus and it's robotic forces. They hung lampshades on every PR trope in existence, but the characters were well-developed and well-acted. One of the best PR seasons, without a doubt.

And the original producer, Eddie Guzelian (who got fired by Disney midway through) had experience with a project like this before (take a light-hearted, kid-friendly property and make it darker and more character-driven). None other than a previous article subject, Cinderella III.

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The winner is "ScoobyNatural" due to getting 2 votes. "Halloween Night At The Museum" got 1 vote. The next matchup is Billy And Mandy crossovers. We have "Modern Primitives" (with Fred Flintstone) and Grim Adventures Of The KND (with Codename Kids Next Door).

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The winner is "Let's Meet Sonic", which got 3 votes. "Monster Party" got 1 vote. The next matchup is animated crossovers with live action shows. This time it's between "Halloween Night At The Museum" (Ultimate Spiderman & Jessie) and ScoobyNatural (Supernatural & Scooby Doo).

If schedule listings are to be believed, it appears as though Toonami will be airing reruns of DBS' Universe Survival Saga starting tonight.