The Wonderful World of YouTube Part VI

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Feb 3, 2018
your mom's basement
In today's installment of "YouTuber Makes Better Rewind than YouTube".

I wonder why YouTube doesn't just consult YouTubers who are actually in tune with what's going on in the community so they don't seem out of touch. Seems like such an obvious solution.


The kids are all wrong
Sep 3, 2006
Since 'tis the season and all, I would like to share my collection of weird and whimsical Christmas and Christmas-related YouTube videos, which I like to call CHRISTMAS CRACKERS.

Homestar Runner! Weird Al! Bob Rivers! Mr. Bean! Monty Python! MST3K! Novelty songs! Deranged cartoons! Tickle fingers! Candy cane massacres! Death metal Bing Crosby! Some dancing cardboard robot thing!

Embrace the yuletide madness (some videos are NSFW)

Peter Paltridge

Too Hip For Spielberg
Staff member
Sep 24, 2003
Stars Hollow
So one of the things I've always wondered over the years is what the news program 20/20 was going to do if it actually lasted until the YEAR 2020.

The next new episode of 20/20 airs January 3 and....unfortunately it appears to be just another episode. It was up to the ABC affiliate in New York to do this properly:

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Opinion changed from The 7D. I didn't like it, because it's often more bland despite the animation and the writing as well. It's kinda more like Teen Titans Go! I don't even blame on Parry Gripp's music.
Has anyone seen the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie yet? I just did and I LOVED IT! It was such a fun and heartwarming movie and I can't wait to see more of Sonic in the sequel (if it gets made)!
You think the 2016 reboot is the worst entry in the Powerpuff Girls franchise? That honor actually goes to "Powerpuff Girls Z". How about that?
I'm one of those people that's more familiar with Sonic's arch-enemy being called "Dr. Ivo Robotnik" rather than "Eggman".

As I mentioned, Melanie Minichino should definitely sing more.