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The Wonderful World of YouTube Part VI

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The kids are all wrong
Before there was Syfy, there was Sci Fi.

Before there was Sci Fi, there was the Sci-Fi Channel.

And before there was the Sci-Fi Channel, there were these surreal pieces of animation that ran non-stop in the network's allotted channel space in the weeks leading up to its launch in 1992.

These scared my 9-year-old self at times, but otherwise I could have watched them all day.
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Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
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Greg still releases new episodes, he just stopped posting links here.
Yeah, he's too big for us now.

Almost an hour of clips from "The Weird Al Show," the college radio gig from which Al got his "weird" moniker. He uses a different last name here; wonder why.


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