The Wonderful World of YouTube Part VI

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Sep 4, 2014
A neat Vocaloid rock vidya. This song was originally created with Hatsune Miku, but this version with a deeper-voiced fan made program sounds better to me.


Mild visual profanity warning! (Blurred middle finger.)


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Sep 15, 2006
Salem, OR.
It's debatable which Sonic game is the worst one. I will say that this looks like the worst one I have ever seen. What do YOU think?
I have a complete library, and I can say that I can barely see anything when Sonic is going full-speed. If you are looking to showcase the, this one is not a top choice.
I have a Didj from Leapfrog and there is a Sonic game on it, too. I vote that for worst Sonic game as it stops the action whenever you touch a giant ring to spell words using icons.
I figured this was appropriate, since not only is Halloween near, but I've been going through some anxious feelings lately:


And as a bonus, here's another bittersweet music video from them:



And another:
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Sep 4, 2014
Fuchi the Robot Dog spoof ad from Mexico in Spanish.

Fuchi "El robot perro" - Radioactivo 98.5: [video=youtube_share;p9sCOIYMu-w][/video]

Also, puppies, as presented by Everything is Terrible.
PUPPY PARTY!: [video=youtube_share;VG9lTyH9xD0][/video]


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Yeah... I just watched the end of Peepoodo... And I wish I hadn't. If I'm considered a wuss for liking Milo Murphy's Law. Big City Greens, Summer Camp Island, Clarence, Craig of the Creek, Hilda, Harvey Beaks, Harvey Street Kids and even The Loud House - not to mention LPS (2012, 2018) SO MUCH MORE because at least those shows have some constraint to not be this gross - then I could care less what you think of me.
Yeah I'm probably not coming back
I was just about to say "Where's Gridman?" on that Crunchyroll streaming thread.
DISH had recent upgrades on the 61.5 orbital slot this early morning. My signal strengths got increased and transponders were moved to another.

How Cartoon Network and TBS moved to other transponders. :P
What I love from the commercial studio Psyop, is the Cricket Wireless critters (known as the Cricketters) in different shapes and colored in Green, Yellow and Blue. So imaginative and cute! :)