The Wonderful World of YouTube Part IV

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Peter Paltridge

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It's time for the fourth chapter in Platypus Comix's biggest and longest-running message board thread.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

If you're poking around on YouTube and you find something hilarious, weird or disturbing, don't hesitate to spread the wealth. Post it here (links only, embedding isn't possible) for all to see and enjoy.


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I finally gave in and shelled out $50 for the first season of Rocko's Modern Life (sold on as "The Best of Rocko..." vols. 1 & 2).

So in return, here's a link to the pilot episode, Trash-O-Madness

The original pilot was only 8 minutes long and Joe Murray himself did half of the animation (with the other half split among other artists Joe was working with at the time).

When it aired on Nick, it had to be expanded to 11 minutes. Can you tell which animations were Joe's and which were from Korea?

Peter Paltridge

Out To Lunch
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Don't tell Disney, but here's the uncut Pastoral Symphony from Fantasia, including the racially insensitive character they've been hiding with scizzors since the 1960's.

It could have been worse -- Disney's original plan was to leave these centaurs bare-chested for the sake of art.


The Moltar-Snork
By no demand what so ever: Sound Advice with Dr. Sbaitso #10

Half-Life Full-life Consequences: Free Man

The Knudson Menace


Queens of the Pwn Age: End war

A music video tribute to the girls of

Prepare for a nostalgia bomb
Warriors of Virtue

It would be really nice if you would post in this thread sometime (if you haven't been reading it Linkara has been posting in it recently).

I've found too many weird stuff on YouTube NOT to get in on this action.

Krappy Macaroni & Cheese

I see your Krappy Macaroni & Cheese and raise you Tuna Fish

What the Hell Fried Chicken
Robocop and the Ultra Police toy commercials (would not fly today)
Amazing Robocop Rap


Oasis Rubberduckzilla

Cong of the Dead - Grindhouse Trailer

Rondo Veneziano La serenissima

Russian Airborne Troops Music Video

New Cho Aniki Game Trailer

Omakase! Savers

Lion Man - Transform
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