The Wonderful World of YouTube Part II

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Reposting this hilarious gem because it went unnoticed in the previous thread.

I had noticed it, posted it to my live journal, and now can't stop my friend Yuki from quoting it. ^^

I'm probably the only person on this forum that has seen the anime this is parodying but this guy's stop motion skills are extreme.

oh i found the opening on youtube finally~


The Moltar-Snork
And now for something completely different; it's Muppets meets Pulp Fiction. Guaranteed, you'll love Beepers 10x more than you already do after watching this.

I regret more every day that I didn't go through with making that Furbish dub of Pulp Fiction back in high school.

I found the fool Mr. T pities:

And some more Shat:

(3:45 in) This made me feel French national pride when I first saw it:
And I'm not French; I'm not even fond of the French

Before there was Pirates vs. Ninjas....

From the minds that brought you Werewolf Space Vikings.

Creepiest song about light bulbs ever:

The Running Man by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (from Liquid Television)[Warning Gore]
Part 1:
Part 2:

And what the heck: just a random Japanese commercial:
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Hope you don't mind a little self-promotion, but I just got a new waterproof digital camera for my birthday and I wanted to show off the fruits of my labors (I figured it didn't warrant its own thread, and I think the videos are unique enough to fit this thread's criteria):
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Here's Batman in a Dreamworks show.

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I haven't seen this movie in years, so I don't know if it's good or not. Still, Jeff Bennett voicing Kangaroo Jack is pretty hilarious.

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