The Wishing Tree (Littles fan-fiction)

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Jun 9, 2002
Troy NY
If you remember the 1983-5 series, The Littles, based on John Peterson's books, you could probably appreciate what I have in mind for my next story.

All characters are copyrighted by their respective holders, including Cookie Jar.
Part 1:

It was a week before Valentine's Day, and Henry Bigg had gotten the courage to ask his friend, Marie, to be his date for a Valentine's Day dance at school. It was a rare opportunity for both to be out after hours, and Marie's parents would chaperone the young couple.

However, two days before the dance, Marie came down with the flu, and was kept home from school, prompting Henry to deliver her homework to her.

"I'm so sorry, Henry.", she said, between sniffles. "I wish I could go, but I can't. The doctor says it'll be almost a week before the flu runs its course."

"It's okay, Marie.", Henry replied. "I'll just continue to deliver homework, and stop by on the way the next day to bring it in. We have an important history test coming up after the dance."

But, deep down inside, it wasn't okay with Henry. It had taken him a year to even ask Marie for a date, and now, it seemed as though another year would go by without them attending the dance.

As he pored through his own homework assignment around 10 pm, Tom & Lucy Little emerged from their hiding place within the walls of the Bigg house. They'd overheard Henry discussing the dance with his mom earlier in the evening.

"It's too bad you can't go to the dance.", Tom said soberly. "You've waited, what, six months for this?"

"Actually, Tom, it's more like three and a half. Marie & I last went out for Halloween, remember? We had to save you two from Dr. Hunter that night."

"You mean you didn't go out for, like, dinner, at Christmas?", Lucy asked.

"No, not at all. Marie's parents went out of town during the Christmas break, but we exchanged gifts before they left."

"We have to go.", Tom said. "It's almost bedtime for us."

"See you later, Henry.", Lucy added, winking. She blew Henry a kiss as she left.
The next day, on their way home from Little School, Tom & Lucy paused near an old oak tree, a short distance from the Bigg house. Lucy had an idea.

"The legend says that this is a wishing tree.", she said.

"So? What are you wishing for?", Tom asked.

"Henry needs a date for the Valentine's dance. We're not having one of our own because Dr. Hunter ruined last year's event, and this could be my only chance to be the same size as Henry."

"I know you're smitten with Henry, Lucy, but this is a big risk. No pun intended. You're forgetting Marie is sick, and the last thing she needs to hear is Henry going to the dance with another girl."

"It's just one night, Tom. One night only."

Lucy knelt down and closed her eyes. A few minutes later, she & Tom returned home. Twenty-four hours later, the siblings returned to the wishing tree. Lucy could feel the tree calling to her.

"I think I'm getting an answer to my wish.", she said.

Tom looked this way & that. No one was around, not even Dr. Erick Hunter, the scientist obsessed with capturing the Littles for scientific purposes. Lucy, meanwhile, laid her hands on the tree, and received a message in her mind.

"Your wish has been granted for tonight, Lucy Little. In moments, you will transform into a normal human girl, but this will only last until midnight. At that point, no matter where you are, you will revert to your true form."

There was a blinding flash of light that could be seen at the Bigg house, so naturally, Henry left to investigate. When he got there, he found.....

"Lucy? Is that you?"

Lucy was now human. Her tail had disappeared, her ears were now curved instead of pointed, and her teeth were even straight.

"Yes, it's me, Henry. Can we go to the dance?"

Tom sat on a log.

"She can only be human until midnight, Henry. Tonight, she's your Valentine."
In part 2, Henry & Lucy's dream date could become a nightmare.


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Jun 9, 2002
Troy NY
Part 2:

Not only had Lucy grown in size, but her attire changed, as well. She was now dressed in a red frilled dress with pink ribbons, red nylons, and red shoes.

Henry glanced at his watch. It was nearly 4 pm. The dance would start in two hours.

"Yes, we can go, Lucy.", he said. "I have to head home and change. You can stay in that abandoned cabin down the road, and I'll pick you up in about an hour."

Henry returned home, had supper, then showered and changed clothes. When asked why he was going without Marie, all he told his father was, "I'm just going to be with a few friends. I'll take the bus to the party."

"Just be careful, Henry.", his father warned. "Dr. Hunter's been seen in town."

"Just what we don't need.", Henry thought to himself as he left.

Now attired in a dark blue three piece suit, including a vest, Henry and Lucy were reunited shortly after 5, and boarded a bus that would take them to the school. Lucy now had a leather coat to go with her ensemble on a mild winter night. Henry wore a trenchcoat.

"Most of those kids won't know me, Henry.", Lucy whispered. "How will you..."

"Don't worry, I've got a plan.", came the reply.
Around 5:30, Lucy was introduced as "Lesley Lane", an orphan who'd just moved to the area from out of state, and who had recently befriended Henry. They happened to meet "earlier in the week" after Henry learned of Marie's illness.

So far, the plan was working perfectly. "Lesley" never left Henry's side as he showed her around the school during a break. Suddenly, a flash of light from the outside caught Henry's attention.

"Get down! Hunter's here!", he whispered to Lucy, who complied. Henry crouched down, and he could see Hunter, and his assistant, Peterson, wielding flashlights.

"Oohhh, Henry, what can we do?", Lucy wailed.

"Get back to the gym and the dance.", Henry replied as he extended his hand. Lucy put her hand in his, and the couple walked back to the gym. There, he met with Principal Clark, and took the administrator aside.

"We have a trespasser on the grounds, sir.", he said.

"Is that Dr. Hunter, back to bother us again, Henry?", Clark asked. Henry nodded.

"Security spotted him, too, and they're on the lookout for him.".
"I tell you I have a legal right to be here!", Dr. Hunter said as he was being led away in handcuffs, along with Peterson.

"There's still an active restraining order on you, Dr. Hunter.", an officer said. "You were driven out of town a year ago for ignoring the order to stay away from Henry Bigg and his family. Let the young man live his life in peace, why don't you?"

"Because he's harboring little mouse-like beings in his home. I want them for scientific purposes."

"And after three years, you've come up with no proof of your wild assumptions. Most men in your field would give up."

"I certainly would.", Peterson piped up.

"Quiet, numbskull!", Hunter thundered. "This is my life's work."

"More like a life's obsession.", the officer replied as the police car sped away to headquarters.

In the hall, Henry & Lucy breathed a sigh of relief.

"The danger's over.", Henry whispered. "One last dance before we go home?"

"Of course."
The last bus left at 9:50, and Henry & Lucy barely made it in time. The bus dropped them off in front of the Bigg house, but as it pulled away, the couple doubled back to the cabin.

"The party's supposed to end at 10, but because of the bus service cutting off...."

"I understand, Henry.", Lucy replied. Impulsively, she kissed him on the lips, leading to a long, romantic liplock. Ten minutes later, the pair returned to the Bigg house. Lucy hid in the garage. Henry wiped the lipstick off with a tissue before entering. Better that his parents didn't know that Lucy was his date.

Around 10:45, after changing back to his school clothes, Henry took the garbage out of the garage and put it out for pickup the next morning. Returning to the garage, he picked up a ladder, and motioned for Lucy to follow him. He placed the ladder directly below his bedroom window, which was already open.

"Just climb up and in.", he said. "I have a cot and some blankets already set for you."

"Thank you, Henry."

Lucy pulled her shoes off, and climbed up the ladder. The window was open just enough for her to fit through. Henry's parents had already turned in for the evening. Once Lucy was through the window, Henry replaced the ladder in the garage, and entered through the garage entrance.
"I really hate to throw cold water on you two, but Lucy's due back at home by 11."

Tom was poking his head through the ventilator shaft, just above the floor. Grandpa Little soon joined him.

"It's okay, Thomas.", he said. "Your sister cleared it with your parents before she left. She's staying with Henry for the night. He's earned the privelege."

"Thank you, Grandpa Little.", Henry said.

Lucy tucked herself in under the blankets on the cot, and Henry gave her a good-night kiss.

At the stroke of midnight, Lucy began to shrink back to her normal size. Her red open-toed heels reverted to sneakers, and her dress & nylons reverted to her tomboy clothes as she regained her normal appearance. However, the change came too sudden, enough to wake Lucy up. Henry could see her changing, and held out his hand.

"Up here, Lucy! Quick!", he cried, his voice a harsh whisper, so he wouldn't wake up his parents.

Now at her normal size, Lucy hopped onto Henry's open hand, and crawled up toward his shoulder. Henry opened the pocket of his pajama shirt.

"Just hop in.", he whispered. "I'll just lay flat until the alarm goes off."

Fittingly, the pocket was right over Henry's heart.

"Oh, Henry, I love you.", Lucy whispered as she drifted off to sleep.

"I love you, too, Lucy.", Henry replied. "Always & forever."

He laid his hand over his heart to give Lucy some additional comfort as he drifted to sleep.
The next morning, as soon as his alarm went off at 6:15 am, Henry woke Lucy up, and she headed straight for the ventilator shaft, blowing him another kiss as she went.

Later that afternoon, while his parents were out, Henry showed Lucy & Tom some pictures taken the night before.

"These are going in my private scrapbook.", he said.

"You two made a perfect couple.", Tom said.

"Oh, I know.", Lucy said, seated on Henry's left shoulder. "Maybe next year, I'll wish for a whole weekend."

"I wouldn't press my luck.", Grandpa warned. "You just never know."

Just the same, Lucy stood up, and planted a kiss on Henry's cheek, then hopped off as she headed back home.

"A lot can happen in a year.", Henry said as the Littles headed home.
The end.