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Sep 22, 2011
I saw Runaway Brain at a drive-in theater, in the middle of a Hercules/George of the Jungle double feature; even though I don't often watch horror, it remains a contender for my favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon.

The introduction also makes me wonder if you've ever seen So Weird, which proved so creepy for Disney Channel that the last season boasts a completely different heroine and a less spooky tone. (Disney+ does have all the episodes.)


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Jun 5, 2017
Disney was trying too hard to be dark with their earliest “adult” features. They’d forgotten how to tell a good story & had become too dependent on their old formulas.

Star Wars wasn’t too far off of a family film; it has a simple good guys vs bad guys theme, a young protagonist; it wasn’t any more violent than an old serial, or, if we’re sticking with Disney productions, Swiss Family Robinson.

70’s Disney needed to experiment with newer, faster-paced film stories. They didn’t need all the dark stuff, like Dragonslayer, The Black Hole, & this film.


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