The Super Hero Squad Show "The Devil Dinosaur, You Say!" Talkback (Spoilers)

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James Harvey

The World's Finest
Staff member
Apr 23, 2001
An all-new episode of The Super Hero Squad Show debuts today at 7:00am (ET) on Cartoon Network!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 at 7:00am (ET) - "The Devil Dinosaur, You Say! (Six Against Infinity, Part 4)"
After being thrown into another dimension by the Dark Surfer, Wolverine discovers himself in Dinosaur World. The High Evolutionary offers to help Wolverine get home if he can capture Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy. Meanwhile, back in Superhero City -- Ms. Marvel and Captain America continue to search for the missing squaddies, while the Mayor gives the Dark Surfer a piece of his mind.


Christopher Glennon

Punch Drunk Flounder
Staff member
Nov 22, 2003
My Own Nonsensical World
I didn't think the main plot with Wolverine and Devil Dinosaur was that interesting (so this show can say things like "blood" from last ep and "devil" in this one?), although the High Evolutionary was kind of cool.

The highlight of the ep was the Mayor facing off against the Dark Surfer. "Face front, true deceiver!" Classic. Dark Surfer is actually pretty frightening.


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