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The Spectacular Spider-Man "Survival Of The Fittest" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Look out! Here comes The Spectacular Spider-Man!

Episode #1: Survival Of The Fittest
Original Airdate - March 8th, 2008

Summer is over for Peter Parker and school's ready to start -- both literally (it's his junior year of high school), and in the real world of crime-fighting -- as Spider-Man faces his first real challenge (The Enforcers) and his first real super-villain (Vulture)

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Yes. The premier is finally here. Here hoping is turn out just as good or even better than the 90'show. Can't wait.


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It's hard to communicate how cool (and wierd, in a way) it is to have a talkback thread for a new Marvel cartoon, and one that I actually care about to boot. I have high hopes for this series; some of the footage of Spidey racing through the skies of New York looks absolutely stunning, and the staff seem to have their heads screwed on right as to what a good Spider-Man show should be.

But if there isn't a line about catching thieves like flies in there somewhere, I will be severely disappointed... :p


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finaly its time.

I hope the shadowy crime lord is King Pin, and i dint expect to see Flint Marco so soon, nice surprise.

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May looks younger and less fragile.

I'm liking this so far, it really has the spirit of the comics.

Peter and Eddie old buddies?

Heh, that won't last long.


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im realy liking this, the action scenes with the enforcers was like watching a jakie chan movie, sometimes i thought Spidy was gonna lose.
I hate my local CW, technical difficulties or something because about 10 til it went to black screen and still remains on that. Its just not meant for me to watch anything after 10, either college basketball comes on around then or just nothing on the channel at all.


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So Uncle Ben is still alive in this timeline, huh?

And I cracked up the football player's "It's cool" reaction to Peter asking his girlfriend out, and her insane reaction to his.


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It was a very good episode, it was the little touches that really made it great. Spider-man facing a pre sandman Flint Marco, and Curt Conners injecting himself with a strange green liquid. There were many neat touches in this episode that made it even better. It seems to be a great opening story that introduces most main characters while having a self contained villain story. Ok maybe the Vulture Story is not as self contained as it seems. I mean Osborn stealing his hovercraft/flying research, can you say Goblin Glider.



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It may have taken a few decades but they've finally made a Spiderman cartoon that feels like the comic. I appreciated the 90s show but the Peter/Spidey design never sat well with me. He was just too big. He looked like a Sears model.

SSM just feels right. The character designs, the character personalities, the setting........it feels like Spiderman to me. I've waited for this cartoon since I was a kid watching the 90s version.