"The Spectacular Spider-Man" News & Discussion Thread, Part 10 (Spoilers)

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Jan 7, 2002
Sorry to bump this thread up but I just saw the poster for the first time and like what was said above seeing it does make me miss the show. I tend watch the series once or twice a year and its still strong and holds up. The only thing really dated about it is some tech stuff like phones but everything else is gold. That goes to show both the strength of the show and the material it is adapting and how timeless it is. While the ending does an alright job of being a conclusion they definitely didnt plan it to be and you can tell the create team were gearing up to tell more. It's a shame that it just all fell at the wrong time. Spider-Man sure has had some shows just fall through the cracks over the years. I can't wait to listen to that 10th anniversary panel too.
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