The Secret Saturdays - Fake static noise?

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Oct 22, 2012
Hello everyone,

So back in the late 2000s, all CN cartoons had some experimental animation. Chowder had these patterns everywhere that didn't move, and it also had a lot of dolls, just like Flapjack. The Secret Saturdays, on the other hand, had this fake static TV screen noise every once in a while. It was very mild and looked like a more clean version of this:

So basically horizontal lines.
The thing is: you can't even see it on old American TV rips. However, you can see it on DVD and this is also how it aired on the Dutch Cartoon Network (unless my mind it playing tricks on me, and I must admit, I have only seen a few episodes on TV).

So I have a simple question: is this also how it aired in the USA? The effect is so mild, it is certainly possible that you can't see it in low quality videos. But it is also possible that the American CN simply never aired it like this.

The reason I am asking is because tiny things like this are sometimes cut in North America for whatever reason. In Martin Mystery, every time they went from one scene to another, instead of showing a black screen for one second, the logo appeared on screen and green slime then took it away. For whatever reason, YTV cut all of it. The American Cartoon Network also cut Gumball's intro for years. And I have googled "The Secret Saturdays static noise", but could only find a post of myself.

I really hope someone can answer this for me.
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