The Saturday 2004 Toonami schedule that might have been


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Feb 26, 2002
I vaguely remember seeing this schedule at some point but I was not aware that it was actually posted on ANN (credit to BlueAlexander93 for finding it)

Toonami Saturday Schedule - News - Anime News Network

April 17:

7.0PM: Duel Masters (#106 Episode 6)
7.5PM: Transformers: Energon (#12 Crisis of Jungle City)
9.5PM: Gundam Seed
11.5PM: Dragon Ball Z (#195 The World Tournament)
12.0AM: .hack//SIGN (#6 Encounter)
12.5AM: Knights of the Zodiac (#33 Sightless Dragon's Tears)
1.0AM: Teen Titans (#6 Nevermore)
1.5AM: Cyborg 009 (#19 The Hero)

April 24:

7.0PM: Duel Masters (#107 Episode 7)
7.5PM: Transformers: Energon (#13 The Enemy is After Kicker)
8.0PM: MOVIE (Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug)
9.5PM: Gundam Seed
10.0PM: MOVIE (Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug)
11.5PM: Dragon Ball Z (#196 Trunks Vs. Goten)
12.0AM: .hack//SIGN (#7 Reason)
12.5AM: Knights of the Zodiac (#34 Farewell, Comrade)
1.0AM: Teen Titans (#7 Switched)
1.5AM: Cyborg 009 (#20 A Phantom Dog)

May 1:

7.0PM: Duel Masters (#108 Episode Eight)
7.5PM: Transformers: Energon (#1 Cybertron City)
8.0PM: Dragon Ball GT (#16 A Grand Problem)
8.5PM: Rave Master
9.0PM: Megas XLR (#1 Test Drive)
9.5PM: Megas XLR (#2 Battle Royale - The Most Dangerous Game)
10.0PM: MOVIE: Sanurai Jack: The Legend Begins
11.5PM: Dragon Ball Z (#197 Best of the Boys)
12.0AM: .hack//SIGN (#8 Promise)
12.5AM: Knights of the Zodiac (#35 Seiya's Journey of Hope)
1.0AM: Teen Titans (#8 Deep Six)
1.5AM: Cyborg 009 (#21 Fossils of Evil)

Note: This schedule is accurate as of March 22nd, Cartoon Network may make changes. (and they certainly did)

A little background on this. When Miguzi was announced and it was also announced that Toonami would move to Saturday nights replacing Miguzi, the original Toonami time frame was going to be 7PM-12AM EST/PST with Adult Swim Action after that. Briefly they considered having Wolf's Rain and InuYasha premieres on Thursday nights instead of Saturday nights in the 11PM hour.

It's difficult to find a first hand copy of the upfront press release but here's something about it on Toonami Infolink Toonami Infolink - Toonami Moves to Saturday, Changes Focus

The schedule was later changed to this Toonami Infolink - Toonami Saturday Schedule Revealed

7.0 - Duel Masters - "???"
7.5 - Toonami In-Flight Movie - "Bionicle: Mask of Light"
9.0 - Jackie Chan Adventures - "The Dark Hand"
9.5 - Yu Yu Hakusho - "Overcoming Grief"
10.0 - Dragonball GT - "The Fall of the Saiyans"
10.5 - Gundam SEED - "False Peace"

It's also possible the 12AM-2AM time frame wouldn't have been part of Toonami but since they were willing to make bumpers for shows in that time frame on SVES, then I figure they'd also be willing to do so for Toonami. If that were the case we would have had a 7 HOUR Toonami. Now wouldn't that have been something?

As some may recall, because this schedule never came to pass, Knights of the Zodiac and .hack//SIGN left to never air again and Cyborg 009 ended up airing on Friday late nights around 1AM with .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet a few months later. When Gundam SEED didn't meet expectations it was moved to Friday as well before that hour was pushed to 5AM.

I wonder how things may have turned out differently had Toonami had 11pm-2am to play around with. I'm thinking Gundam SEED, D.I.C.E., Yu Yu Hakusho and Rave Master which were all jetisoned to Friday late nights or early on Saturday and Sunday mornings would have ended up staying on that extended Toonami block but get pushed to the later hours much like Cyborg 009 and .hack// before them.

Episode 20 of Cyborg 009 which was scheduled here was an episode skipped for content on the daytime run on Toonami. It never managed to air.

This schedule started Rave Master earlier than Toonami eventually did and did not include Jackie Chan Adventures as Toonami eventually did but rather did include Transformers: Energon which did not end up airing on Toonami at all (Cybertron did in 2005 though).

They repeated movies for two weeks which really doesn't seem necessary but they stopped that by the third week in that proposed schedule. Samurai Jack: The Beginning was planned for that night but eventually they played Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. It's possible that at the time of this scheduling they simply did not have that movie yet.

Gundam SEED was originally set for 9:30pm rather than 10:30pm, if it had aired at 9:30pm, I don't imagine it would have stayed there all that long but I think they intended to pair it with Megas XLR for a giant robot hour.

Two other interesting changes were this schedule had DBZ Buu Saga as well as Dragon Ball GT starting back at episode 16 or rather the compilation made so FUNimation could skip the initial 15 episodes and get straight to the action. When Toonami took over Saturday night they started GT at episode 29 were into premieres on the 3rd week of the line-up. Eventually they had to take as short rerun break so maybe if they had actually started back at 16 they could have had an uninterrupt run of 31-64 once they caught back up. Dragon Ball GT was at 8pm on this schedule rather than 10pm as it eventually was. While IIRC DBGT did quite well at 10pm on Saturday, it does seem a bit odd for the block to throw their flagship anime on that late.

I decided to try playing out that scenario (note that only 2004 and 2005 are different from the actual schedule because I was working off modifying the actual schedules

I think if nothing else DBZ and Cyborg 009 would have continued to air where they were listed and Rurouni Kenshin would have returned sooner than Fall, hopefully getting an entire second run of the Kyoto arc in before CN's contract expired in March of 2005. No idea how long .hack//SIGN or Knights of the Zodiac may have lasted under that scenario but it may have been the point where CN finished the run of .hack//SIGN and KotZ ran out of available episodes (I'm figuring 52 because that's a typical episode order for CN, otherwise it could have been the entire show if it was entirely dubbed).

At any rate, had Toonami taken over those 7 hours and kept them, things may have turned out quite a bit differently than they did. Not the last of which being that Adult Swim Action premieres may have remained a Thursday staple for a while.

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Nice post you made there, Sketch.

When Toonami moved to Saturday nights in 2004, it had one of the best lineups, in my opinion. I guess l like how it started of light and went into deeper shows, as the night went on. I also loved the bumpers and the look the block had, back then.


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7 hours was the time limit of "Saturday Video Entertainment System", which Toonami replaced, so it makes sense that they started out by considering to do a 7 hour Toonami block.

I think the condensing of Toonami down to 4 hours helped to signal it was a new format, not just "SVES" with a new name, and it also allowed Adult Swim to take over late Saturday night/Sunday mornings (the final night of the week for Adult Swim to overtake at the point, if I recall).

That's another reason why I liked "SVES" - it prevented Adult Swim from overtaking Saturday nights, a way of stating "This night is for the kids!!".

Still, the idea of a 7 hour Toonami, that was filled with all me chills of delight. :)

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Apr 17, 2011
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Would have been continued fun had Toonami been 7 hours. Enjoyed SVES when I did and was glad to get out of it what I got.

I think the condensing of Toonami down to 4 hours helped to signal it was a new format, not just "SVES" with a new name, and it also allowed Adult Swim to take over late Saturday night/Sunday mornings (the final night of the week for Adult Swim to overtake at the point, if I recall).

Second-to-last -- CN still had Friday nights for a while. [as] eventually did an online stream which they called "Friday Night Fix" before eventually getting the night.

The bonus that [as] did take over Saturday nights was for a while it was all anime so not much was lost -- still had action/anime for 7 hours - 10 if you count [as] encoring from 2-5am.


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