The Raccoons (2019 reboot)

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Jun 1, 2016
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Get ready to return to the Evergreen Forest! The 1980s worldwide hit, The Raccoons, is back and destined to attract a brand new fan base while hitting the happy nostalgia button of the original audience. And the familiar faces are back! Led by the enthusiastic, adventure-seeking Bert Raccoon, join aardvark best-friend Cedric and racoon pals Ralph and Melissa as they navigate Bert’s carefree attitude, all the while staying on-top of the scheming tycoon, aardvark business man, Cyril Sneer.
The revived series will be produced by Ottawa's Big Jump Entertainment. It will be distributed by Jetpack Distribution. It's in development, and it set to air next year.


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Jun 27, 2007
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This was...unexpected, especially since the original show is not currently available on DVD (that I know of). Also, I'm not one to judge a book by its cover, but a design style like that has been known to indicate a show that's mainly a comedy. I don't know that much about the original show, but I do know that the original wasn't just a comedy. I'm just saying, but I'm hoping this will be "The Raccoons", and not "My Little Raccoons: Friendship is Magic".

Also, here's some random trivia: the "Evergreen Forest" is also a location on Planet Eternia in (He-Man and the) Masters of the Universe, which predates the original Raccoons series.


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Nov 7, 2004
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The Raccoons getting a reboot, awesome, it's got great new character designs, The Raccoons was my favorite great classic cartoon in my childhood years, both Burt/Ralph/Melissa, Schaeffer, Cedric, Sophia, Cyril Sneer, and The Three Pigs were great classic characters, while both Melissa Raccoon, Sophia, and Lisa Raccoon were my favorite best cute classic female characters and my crushes, and the songs/ending song were so awesome/catchy:D.I'll enjoy The Raccoons reboot, my next favorite best classic cartoon reboot.
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