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So who agrees with me, that the Blight family are going to be the main antagonists force of season 2? Not counting the Emperor obviously, whatever you consider Lilith role in season 1.


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Apparently, the show is rated 17+ on Disney Plus in Indonesia. It's most likely due to not censoring Luz/Amity. While with heavy restrictions, Southeast Asia tends to be more lenient towards LGBTQ content when it comes to female characters instead of male characters (such as how the Philippines got a copy of "Understanding Willow" that censored out Willow's dads, yet "Enchanting Grom Fright" was kept virtually the same. A scene that had a gay couple dance was censored, yet Luz and Amity's dance, as well as Amity's love letter to Luz, were kept in). The person who put out this tweet is a moderator for The Owl House wiki.



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