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Sep 26, 2011
Neo Arcadia, USA
I know the series probably won't go down this route, but what if nobody had cursed Eda and that her transformation is actually from not joining a Coven, which not only limits a witch's magic but also prevents their magic from tuning against them?
Eda's magic turning against her because she didn't join some glorified club at best? The best/sad part is that could actually work, because without daily training and honing of your skills regularly, you could get rusty and do something rather unfortunate, such as cursing yourself without even knowing it, which is worst case scenario right there.

Once again, my real problem with this is trusting the writers at the moment to implement this in a way that works and feels natural, more than anything.

Seriously, having the unfortunate plot revelation be that Eda cursed herself by not training or at least exercising with her powers regularly, as a means of maintaining them, so that she can't accidentally turn herself into an out-of-control, rather unintelligent monster? Sounds great if it's done and incorporated into the story well enough. Pulled up right out in the open, however? No way. I can only hope going forward the writers don't trip up on how Eda got actually cursed, either way - whether it be someone who's out to get her, or because it's unfortunately her own doggone fault.

Here's this short.
>Mattholomule suffering after what he did to Gus in Episode 9
GOOD. Bullies in general without any real depth, personality, or development away from that crap will always be terrible characters who deserve to suffer. In that case, keep the pain a-comin' and make him suffer more - nearly being trapped in detention like that was not enough suffering, as far as I'm concerned.

Looks like Mattholomule is gonna receive a lot of karma against him throughout the series if this short is any indication.
This. Only because karma is a beautiful, sexy hot mama sometimes!

Seriously though, on the setting - as much as this is aiming to be funny and it overall does work well enough (at least IMHO), this is sadly what I mean by the show ultimately straining itself if it spends too much time in this one unfortunately lame setting that is school - the jokes will just be about how much school in America sucks; something I'm sure we are mostly tired of seeing (especially in a unique fantasy setting, such as the Boiling Isles!) by now, honestly. I have been for far too long and was from the very beginning that I actually started paying attention to this medium in general, unfortunately. Hence why I don't trust these writers as much as I want to, so far.
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Happy birthday to Akira Toriyama. My moniker here should make it clear that I am a fan of the DB Franchise.