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Sep 22, 2011
1) I think when I read Nickelodeon Magazine, the letters section took up a whole page.
2) Yes. One particular instance I kind of remember involved incorporating the writers' names into the dialogue of some comic strips.

Alex Sarosi

Aug 4, 2013
I remember having the last issue somewhere. Also, my school library, has a few of them, but I can't bring them home. That said, I have the last issue of nintendo power, anyone want scans of that shizzle


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Nov 27, 2006
For the price of that Nickelodeon magazine lot, mom said she'd get it only if it were a Christmas gift. Expect me to do more in December!

J. B. Warner

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Nov 20, 2003
Anywhere you're not
Holy hell, I remember that Angry Beavers issue like I just read it yesterday! Mmm, nostalgic...

To answer some of your questions, "Scene But Not Heard" and "Southern Fried Fugitives" were both recurring features in the Comic Book - in fact, I think "Southern Fried Fugitives" had been running for three or four years nonstop by this point. Nickelodeon Magazine was probably the only publication that could do a serialized drama about anthropomorphic chicken parts and make it interesting.

As for QZ (short for "Qzxlxzq"), he was another feature of the magazine - the infinitely knowledgeable author of a column called "Dear Alien", where he used his infinite knowledge of the universe to provide answers to real reader-submitted questions. Unlike Joe Rocket from Disney Adventures, though, most of the answers were just the copy writers being goofy. ("Dear QZ, how come cartoon characters wear white gloves?" "So they don't leave fingerprints on your TV screen.")

If you can get your hands on more issues, by all means share 'em with us. I loved Nick Mag just as much as DA when I was a kid, and subscribed to it for about five or six years, but every issue I had got thrown out when my younger sister moved into my old bedroom. I'd love to see some of these again. :)


Wheel of Fortune winner, 12/8/17
Nov 27, 2006
Hey JB, nice to see you again. Hope you don't mind me holding down the Disney Adventures fort in your absence.

The lot I'll be getting for Christmas has the CatDog issue in it, which is the only issue I personally have any recollection of reading. I just didn't come across Nickelodeon magazine that often, and I still have no idea where I would've gotten one.


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Sep 15, 2006
Salem, OR.
This isn't Nickelodeon Magazine per se, but it does have to do with Nickelodeon. I got some old issues of TV Guide from 1982, and one of the few cable listings it has is Nickelodeon. Here's what was on your typical Saturday in 1982.
5am - pinwheel
8am - pinwheel
10am - matt & jenny
10:30 - rainbow country
11am - spread your wings
11:30 - what will they think of next!
noon - adventures of black beauty
12:30 - tomorrow people
1pm - reggie jackson's world of sports
2pm - american hero show
2:30 - livewire
3pm - spread your wings
3:30 - you can't do that on television
4pm - tomorrow people
4:30 - adventures of black beauty
5pm - livewire


During the first 2 years of Nickelodeon Mag (when I was about 10/11 years old at the time), I wrote a letter to QZ! And my letter was published! It was a ridiculous letter... I wrote something like, "Dear QZ, My friend Diana L. has a huge crush on you and wants to know if you have a girlfriend. She thinks you are soooo cute."
Anyway, for some bizarre reason I lost that *1* issue of Nick Mag with my letter in it. Does anyone have it, and can they scan it? Unfort I don't remember which month/year! I do know it was within the first 1-2 years of Nick Mag being out, though.


Sep 4, 2014
:crying: I didn't know that it had stopped publishing or I'd forgotten...
But when did they start putting that "Real" symbol on the non-fiction articles?

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