The New Toonami Ratings Thread (now with more civility!)

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Apr 10, 2017
New Milford, NJ
Speaking of which, Toonami hasn't aired a lineup promo at all since deathslotting MHA. I still think the lineup and the fact that casuals of the modern era would rather stream the subs than stay up at night to watch the dubs. Based on chart positions, Super is the only show that charts in that top 25 and if cable as a whole is down, that doesn't excuse poor chart performance. Of course, the fact that even some of the biggest anime out there, SAO and Attack on Titan, struggle in the charts show how little people are watching anime on cable nowadays.

The lineup itself is the bigger issue with Toonami's recent woes. Gundam, Lupin, and Food Wars are really niche properties. Boruto and Black Clover are probably the least liked shonen out there, with the latter having a sub par 7.07 score and the former with a ghastly 6.63, which is abysmal for a long running shonen. Those shows have their fans, but to many people they are viewer repellent. Sure Black Clover does better in the ratings than the Gundam, Lupin, and Food Wars, but that doesn't mean it's doing good in its own right. In Boruto's case, it was the bottom feeder of the block until Lupin came here. The fact that these shows are eternal is also driving viewers away. On the other hand, we are probably getting niche shows because the budget is running out to the point that they are getting a made for Internet show. The niche shows might be doing really low in the ratings, but Toonami probably can't afford MHA tier shows any more, with Demon Slayer being the only big name shonen on the slate.

The 2019 lineup is probably the most divisive ever. I'm still a dub watcher and Toonami is the only place for the Lupin dub and that's what's keeping me here, niche as that series is, but the eternal Black Clover and Boruto does seem like torture. Toonami is changing from the high end department store to the Big Lots, still able to survive, but offering inferior low budget products than its competitors (Funimation and Crunchyroll).
Hey now, Big Lots offers some great stuff for cheap man including name brands. I think a better comparison might be something like Sears where it was once the dominant force, but has fallen to the wayside in the wake of competition from and online resource and has had an abyssmal time trying to adjust and is surviving on name brand recognition alone.

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