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Shaking things up a bit
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Mar 22, 2002
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Springfield, MO
Welcome to the LATEST Official "So What Do You Recommend" thread (Vol. 4)!

If you wish to see previous recommendations (some of which may be out of date) you can check out these previous threads:

"So What Do You Recommend?" Vol. 1
"So What Do You Recommend?" Vol. 2
"So What Do You Recommend?" Vol. 3

The idea of this thread is pretty simple: This thread has been created to be your "one stop" place to find comic book recommendations!

In this thread, you may do the following:

1. Ask for a recommendation for a comic title or genre, (such as, "What's a good mystery comic book to read?")
2. Ask if a specific title/issue is worth reading, (such as, "Is 'Sonic the Hedgehog' any good?")
3. Plug a comic you think is worth reading, (in other words, you don't neccesarily have to wait for someone to ask for a recommendation).

Now without further ado: Begin your requests/recommendations!!!