"The Loud House" Leads Nickelodeon to Win May Ratings Race Across All Kids Demographics

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Giving a slightly closer look.
Sep 3, 2013
It's crazy to think that this show managed to become as popular as it did and even sustain it for this long, let alone becoming the top rated for the network. Before this show came out we all legitimately thought that would never happen.

Also, while I get this is how marketing works, it does kind of bug me how they are clearly only using live ratings to judge how much better Nick is doing than the competition, especially considering their online presence is nowhere near as significant as the other two.
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Just Think Twice Before You Say Anything
Apr 24, 2016
I wonder if this is the second time that they got the recognition, like the ones from last year, when they won to be the top dog on the high ratings, aside from being Spongebob, another show that receives a similar number of ratings as to that said show.

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