The longest way home (Fonz & The Happy Days Gang fan-fic finale)


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Jun 9, 2002
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Here's another example of how ABC & Hanna-Barbera, and, in this case, Paramount, too, blew an opportunity to create a crossover.

Fonz & The Happy Days Gang was cancelled after 2 seasons (1980-2), with Fonzie (Henry Winkler) moving over to Laverne & Shirley in The Army, but viewers were forced to resort to their own ideas as to how Fonzie, Richie, & Ralph had returned home, as there was no closure to the series.

This story will try to address the issue, as the gang meet up with a certain super-team......!

All characters, save for original characters created for this story, are copyright Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros./DC Comics/CBS-Paramount.
Setting: This story takes place after the series finale of Fonz & The Happy Days Gang in 1981.

Told from the point of view of one Richie Cunningham.

Chapter 1:

"Guys! We're finally home!!!"

Ralph Malph had been helping Cupcake at the monitor board of her time machine. He was jumping up and down excitedly like a child at Christmas, and that was enough to wake up Fonzie & I from our slumber.

"This better be for real, Malph!", Fonzie warned.

As the time machine touched down in the parking lot of what was Arnold's Drive-In, Fonzie & I both noticed something was wrong.

"This isn't 1957.", I whispered. "It's Milwaukee, but it looks like a few years down the road."

"I think you're right, Rich.", came the reply. "But we might as well get a layout of the land."

Cupcake landed the time machine and activated the cloaking device. She also changed her wardrobe so she'd look like a normal teenager from our time. That also meant restyling her hair, with an assist from Ralph, of all people. As we disembarked, I happened to see a newspaper on a bench. I decided to take a look. The date confirmed my suspicions.

"We've landed some 25 years in the future.", I told Fonzie & Ralph, showing them the paper. Arnold's had been sold and renamed the Ice Cream Castle.

"We might as well go in and check the place out.", Fonzie said. "But we have to be careful. We left an era that was filled with paranoia, and if we mention anything about where we came from, it's more of the same."

"Are you sure about that, Fonzie?", Cupcake cooed as she sidled up to him.

"Very sure, Compass.", he said, using his pet name for Cupcake. "Be careful."

As we entered, I caught sight of a poster on the bulletin board. It was old and faded, but there was no mistaking the pictures. It was Fonzie, Ralph, & I, officially declared missing.

"May I help you kids?"

Raymond Briggs was the new owner. He'd bought Arnold's some 20 years earlier, when Arnold decided to move away to San Francisco.

"We're from out of town.", I said. "Most of us grew up here, but haven't been back in years, and we came by to see how things were in our absence."

So far, so good. The poster had deteriorated to the point where Briggs wouldn't be able to make the connection between us and the poster. After a few minutes, we left. Fonzie was perturbed about something.

"We got lucky, Red.", he said. "However, they relabeled my office."

Fonzie was referring to the men's room. In our time, the restrooms were labeled "Guys" & "Dolls", but that was no longer the case.

"Gotta change with the times, Fonz.", I replied. "Right now, we're living in the 80's."
Our next stop was the dental office of Ralph's father, Mickey Malph. Not too surprisingly, that had changed as well.

"According to the receptionist, Ralph, your father retired about 20 years ago.", I said after leaving the office. "Worse, he, like everyone else, assumes we're........"

"You don't have to finish it, Rich.", Ralph replied somberly. "They think we're all dead, having been away for so long."

"It's going to be the same thing when we reach your place, Rich.", Fonzie added. "Assuming Mr. & Mrs. C are still in town."

They weren't. Jenny Piccolo, Joanie's best pal, had moved in about 15 years ago. She said Mom & Dad had retired and moved away to Florida. Joanie had gotten married and relocated to California. Jenny didn't say with whom. She didn't have to. Ralph found out when he returned to his old neighborhood.

"Joanie married Potsie!", he exclaimed. "Right after high school."

Not long after, we stopped at a record store. Warren "Potsie" Weber was now a million-selling recording artist, and Joanie was one of his back-up singers, her past experience with Leather Tuscadero having come in handy after all. It just happened that Potsie & Joanie were returning home for a gig at what is now known as the Mecca, Milwaukee's #1 sports and entertainment facility. They had made the big time.

"Just think, Rich.", Ralph said. "You & Pots are now brothers-in-law."

"No, they're not.", Fonzie corrected, as he was still reading the newspaper. "Take a look at this!"

He handed me the paper, opened to the entertainment section. It said that Potsie & Joanie had been killed in a plane crash en route from Los Angeles to Miami three days earlier.

"It can't get any worse, can it?", I thought to myself. Cupcake offered a shoulder to lean on.

"This can all be erased once we get you boys back to 1957.", she reminded.

"Then, let's get back to the Ice Cream Palace.", Ralph declared, "And the time machine."
However, when we got back to the Palace, the time machine had been decloaked somehow, and stolen. Or, perhaps, towed away.

"My infra-red scanners show no sign of the machine.", Cupcake said. "Now, we're stuck."

"No, we're not, Compass.", Fonzie reassured her. He figured he knew where the time machine had been taken. And he was right. It had been taken to Mallory's Junkyard, just outside of town, a den for stolen property of all varieties. It took us 15 minutes on a bus to get there.

"Someone's home.", Ralph noted as we approached the junkyard.

"But what would they want with the time machine?", Cupcake wailed.

"Either they want it for themselves, or they'll break it down and sell the parts.", I said.

"We'll know for sure in a minute.", Fonzie said.

However, it turned out we were expected. Four men with guns came out of the office. A fifth man then emerged. Someone we hadn't seen in years.

"I knew sooner or later you'd show up, little brother."

My big brother, Chuck, who'd moved away years earlier, now was dressed like a businessman. With bad intentions.
To be continued.
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Jun 9, 2002
Troy NY
Chapter 2:

Chuck had moved out while I was at Jefferson High. He wanted to live his own life, and from the looks of things, he may have made out pretty well, but not in any way Mom or Dad had envisioned.

"How did you know about us?", Ralph asked.

"Friend of mine told me about your time machine the day you left.", Chuck replied. "As time wore on here, and you squirts were forgotten, I knew you'd return home someday, and when you did, that doo-hickey was going to be finding a new owner."

"You wouldn't know how to operate it.", Fonzie said. "You were like me. You dropped out of school, then vamoosed, unlike me."

"I've been waiting all this time, Fonzarelli.", Chuck sneered. "You're the one who turned my brother's brain around. My parents, too. Now, we get to rewrite history my way!"

"Not so fast!", Cupcake exclaimed as she fired off a couple of magic bolts. Chuck and his mobster buddies were disarmed, and disoriented long enough for us to drop them. Yes, we had a fight, and, this time, I wasn't scared. I couldn't be, when I had to fight my own brother. When he threatened Cupcake, Fonzie & I both wanted a piece of him. Fonz engaged him directly.

"You said it's me you want, Chuckie.", he said. "Let her go."

"Not a chance. She's my ticket outta here!", Chuck replied, defiant. However, he made one little mistake. He forgot about me.

"Contrary to an old cliche, this will hurt you more than it hurts me!", I said as I clocked Chuck with a right hook, right to the jaw.

Once we were back in the time machine, Fonzie & Cupcake got it up and running again, programmed again to take us to 1957. Mr. Cool, Fonzie's pet puppy, had been hiding the whole time. Ralph kept him occupied to ensure we didn't get sidetracked again. Unfortunately, we were sidetracked. The goons got some lucky shots off, and forced us to land again, not far from the junkyard.

"They must've hit the engines!", Cupcake cried. "Moon craters!"

"We've got backup, guys!", Ralph exclaimed as he looked out the window.

Indeed, we did. We had to pinch ourselves, to ensure we weren't dreaming any of this.

It was Superman.

"How did he know about any of this?", Fonzie wondered.

Superman wasn't alone. Wonder Woman was with him. It was almost as if the comic books we'd read as kids had come to life. Chuck and his pals were rounded up, and taken into Federal custody. Turns out they were working for someone else.

After Ralph & Fonzie calmly explained our situation, Superman & Wonder Woman took us and the time machine to the Hall of Justice, just outside a place called.....Metropolis.

"You said Chuck was working for someone.", Ralph said. "Any idea who?"

"Yes, and I think you already met him. Fellow named Raymond Briggs.", Wonder Woman said.

"Then, it's more urgent than ever to get my friends to their proper time.", Cupcake said.

"It's not that easy.", Superman replied. "Briggs isn't from this era, either. It's not even his name."

"Then....who is he, really?", I asked. "He acted like a nice guy."

"It's only a facade for someone we know as.....The Time Trapper."
To be continued.


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Jun 9, 2002
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Chapter 3:

After being given a tutorial on the Justice League's computer system, Ralph & I began searching for some information that would help pinpoint just how Raymond Briggs, aka the Time Trapper, had taken over much of Milwaukee's business sector.

"Rich, I think now we know why your dad retired to Florida.", Ralph said as he found a newspaper article from 1964 that said that Dad had sold his hardware store for enough money to allow him & Mom to retire to Miami. They made sure Joanie had graduated from high school and committed to college before leaving. Joanie, however, decided to enroll at the University of Florida in Gainesville, so she could stay close to Mom & Dad.

"You think Briggs might've pushed Dad into selling out?", I asked.

"Maybe he had already recruited Chuck by then, and used him to do just that.", Fonzie said as he joined the conversation.

"You know, come to think of it, Chuck hadn't aged all that much when we saw him."

"And you'd be right, Richie.", Wonder Woman said as she returned to the main hall. "Unfortunately, the Time Trapper and his minions have escaped from jail, your brother included."

"Now where would they go from there?", Cupcake wondered.

"Back to where we started, in 1957.", I suggested. "He's going to want to steal the time machine before we board!"

"You may be on to something, Richie!", Superman replied. "We've no time to lose!"
With Superman's help, we made it back home to Milwaukee, circa 1957, on the exact day when we left. Just as I suspected, the Time Trapper, Chuck, and the rest of the goons, now all attired in futuristic clothing, had materialized just across the lot, just as Cupcake had disembarked. However, due to the anomalies having been created, there were now two time machines, and two Cupcakes. Chuck was so confused, it was easy to capture him and the rest of the crooks. Superman caught the Trapper, and took him back to the far future, from whence the Trapper came.

Abruptly, the extra time machine and Cupcake disappeared. You know how that works. Can't have two of the same entity in the same place at the same time, otherwise it disrupts time as we know it.

"Now, we're really back home.", Ralph said.

"Yes, we are, and, believe it or not, Richie's the hero of this adventure.", Fonzie added, patting me on the back.

However, it was time for Cupcake to say good-bye.

"I wish I could stay here, guys, but I also have to return home.", she said, kissing Fonzie, Ralph, & I as she talked. "I won't forget you guys."

Soon, the time machine vanished. Life was back to normal.
Now, you all know what really happened after our adventures. Joanie didn't marry Potsie after all, instead tying the knot with Fonzie's cousin, Chachi. But whatever happened to Mr. Cool? He went with Fonzie when Fonz joined the army for a brief bit.

Well, Cool got into a whole lot of trouble, such that Laverne & Shirley, after they and Fonz were discharged, persuaded Fonzie to give him up for adoption all over again. I heard they found a good home for him. In Cincinnati.

Now, I have to put the scrapbook away before Lori Beth gets home. This is still too fantastic for her to believe........

The end.
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