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Last year, an animated series based on Max Brallier's book series, Last Kids On Earth, was announced to come out in 2019 on Netflix. He and Scott Peterson (story editor for The Replacements, Phineas And Ferb, and Milo Murphy's Law) are executive producers. Flash forward 1 year, and the voice cast is announced. It includes Finn Wolfhard, Montse Hernandez , Charles Demers, Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Catherine O’Hara, Keith David, Bruce Campbell, and Garland Whitt . Atomic Cartoons is also attached to the series.

Jennifer Muro is also writing for the series, as are Joshua Pruett and Haley Mancini (who's also doing a voice)

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I looked it up on Google and found the author's official website. Apparently this is supposed to be a comedy?

Either way, so there's a zombie apocalypse, and these three characters are (seemingly) the only ones who can stop it.

It looks interesting, but with zombie apocalypse stories, they tend to be more likely to be horror stories, but since this is a family production, I'm fairly sure that it won't be too scary.

So from the first book's initial description, it looks like the show could be either or; it could either focus more on the solution, reminding everyone that there's always hope, and having them win most (though I would prefer all) of their battles, or it could take the more predictable route of focusing more on the problem (like a number of other zombie apocalypse stories which will remain nameless), and constantly reminding everyone of what they have face all for the sake of spur-of-the-moment drama. I also hope it focuses on the actual story, and not on their personal problems (you know, to make them "relatable"* to everyone). We're here for a story about these characters fighting zombies, not another metaphorical comedy/drama that could be done without the "zombie apocalypse" setting.

Having said all this however, I do realize that whatever the books are like, that's probably what the show will have...

*A word that may not mean what some people think it means...


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IIRC this is the first show being produced at Atomic Cartoons' studio in Ottawa.


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