The inevitable finally happens: Spider-Man/UltimateSpider-Man crossover event coming

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Aug 26, 2001
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Yes, they repeatedly stated it would never happened, they teased us with it it Ultimate Fantastic 4, they did it again with Ultimate Power, but this time they're finally doing what they said never would be done. Spider-Man (616) meets Ultimate Spider-Man starting this June in the aptly-titled Spider-Men miniseries.

This June, it’s time for Peter Parker, better known as the Amazing Spider-Man, to cross worlds and meet Miles Morales…the all-new Spider-Man? Marvel is proud to announce Spider-Men, an all-new five issue landmark story from award-winning author Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers VS. X-Men, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man), red-hot artist Sara Pichelli (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man) and acclaimed cover artist Jim Cheung (Avengers VS. X-Men), which brings Peter Parker and Miles Morales together for the first time. That’s right, the Spider-Man from two different realities—the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Comics Universe—bring their worlds together for a battle no one web-head could win!

Now I've been rather out of it since before Peter departed the earthly plane in Ultimate (I have the issue someplace and really need to catch up on things), but I'm actually semi-interested to see how this pans out. Yes, it could be a hot mess, but the fact that they're doing something like this after sticking to their guns about not doing it for so long has got me a little interested in seeing what they can do.

Jin Kazama

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Jun 26, 2002
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Eh, I'm not too keen on this. It just seems too...easy, I guess.

Up until the recent post-"Death Of" relaunch, I've read every single Ultimate book. Everything put out, good and bad. I never once thought "This would all be better if it crossed over with the 616." What I liked about the universe was that it took chances. Some worked, some didn't. But it tried new things with old characters without the stigma of screwing up what people considered the "real" characters.

Within that context, this just comes off as lazy. It's what everyone's expected since the universe started. Doing it takes away from that unique feel of the Ultimate universe.


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I'm not sure what to think. As Jin Kazama said, it does feel kinda lazy when UM has made itself more unique in recent years, but the curiosity of the two big Marvel universes finally meeting after 12 years is a tad tempting. The idea of 616 Peter learning of a similar counterpart who died young would make for good emotion.

Yet, it still feels too soon. Miles, while his book is improving by the issue, hasn't even been around for a year to fully cement his reputation, and many fans are still turned off by his replacing of UU Peter. This could lead to a great popularity boost or drop for the kid.

But in any case, I'd like this crossover to mainly revolve around the two Spider-Men only, I'd rather not see the rest of the Ultimate cast show up as well. Well, maybe have 616 Cap give Ultimate Cap a good lecture/beating.


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Apr 14, 2008
But in any case, I'd like this crossover to mainly revolve around the two Spider-Men only, I'd rather not see the rest of the Ultimate cast show up as well. Well, maybe have 616 Cap give Ultimate Cap a good lecture/beating.
Maybe a lecture, but if MU Cap tried to give UU Cap a beating, he'd definitely leave with his ass thoroughly kicked.

This crossover seems lame to me. As someone said Miles hasn't even been Spider-Man for a year yet, and the idea of him meeting another Peter Parker so soon just doesn't seem good. But at the end of the day I'm not reading either of the Spider-Men's books due to the price, and I won't be picking up the mini anyway for the same reason.


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May 1, 2001
I've been reading "Amazing" and "Ultimate" lately (more money to spare with dropping the "New 52" and all, save "Action"), but not sure about buying this one. Like the idea, but seems rather soon for Miles (based on his stories so far) to meet another Peter, let alone get involved with interdimensional hijinks. That and, yes, the expense. That said, this is the only Ultimate/MU pairing I'd be interested in, since I still dislike the rest of the Ultimate universe (though I'm with astrolupine in not minding seeing MU Cap smack around UU Cap :p ).


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Jan 9, 2007
I'm in two minds about this.

I do think it's too soon for Miles to meet Peter since he's still comparing himself to Peter in the books and saying stuff like, "the original Spider-Man would've done that better" constantly. If this was happening a year from now it might be ok but doing it now could hurt Miles' development. It could give the message that Miles isn't good enough to be Spider-Man without Peter's approval.

On the other hand I'd be all for this crossover if we get 616 Cap punching UU Cap in the face. ;)


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Apr 17, 2007
Does anyone still remember Quesada saying that if 616 and the Ultimate Universe ever met up it would mean that Marvel is out of ideas?

Yes, I took the cheap shot. Somebody had to do it.


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Sep 12, 2011
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I think it's too early for this but it sounds like a great idea. Also this means Ultimate Peter was killed off a year before the anniversary. Couldn't have waited another year huh?

Also expecting this line from one of them : "I'm just A Spider-Man, but you're the Ultimate Spider-Man!"
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Dec 23, 2011
It's a bummer that Ultimate Peter didn't live long enough to be in this event. In my opinion Marvel is really pushing the envelope when it come to this and AvX. The New 52 really decreased my intrest in current DC Comics.

Rick Jones

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Feb 27, 2008
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Six or seven years ago, I think I would have been more interested in a crossover like this but I don't feel any particular sense of excitement right now. I'm sure I'll read it and I expect quality from the Bendis/Pichelli pairing but I guess I'm just not that into Miles or 616 Parker right now. I hope they have a story interesting enough to justify the crossover.


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