"The Incredible Hulk" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Palin Dromos

The Abyss Stares Back
Feb 1, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
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Also, am I correct in thinking that Blonsky was first given the Super Soldier formula (rather than Gamma), and THEN the Gamma stuff to become the Abomination?
More or less. I don't think Blonsky was given "The" Super-Soldier formula, since the premise of Captain America is that he was the only recipient of the successful Super-Soldier formula, but rather an derivative or prior test compound. And then later he was dosed with Banner's Gamma-irradiated blood that Sterns had replicated.

Sub-par S.S. formula + Banner Gamma Blood = Abomination.

(PS, I am aware of Isaiah Bradley getting the S.S. Formula and that line of comic continuity, but I'm betting it's not going to be brought up in the films' continuities.)


WF Old Man
Apr 24, 2001
Gotham, New York
I never really thought about Eric Bana's and Edward Norton's faces too extensively. I've gone as far as looking carefully at the Hulk and seeing if he has any facial features of the actor. In both cases (2003 and 2008 movies) I didn't notice any. That doesn't really matter to me anyway, though. What matters is to make that Hulk face angry, scary and intimidating. I mean, that's The Incredible Hulk!

The Abomination was a one time freak occurance. Sterns also said in his dialog that he could tell that Blonski was already treated with something, and he didn't know what kind of effect the gamma goodness would have.

Indeed, But was he talking literally or metaphorically?
With a man known for his sharp wit, I'd say potentially both. I think it's that kind of vague where they can take it in any direction they want, while at the same time leaving the viewers digging through so many different symbolic interpretations.


Staff member
Aug 10, 2003
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East Coast of USA
Well, they were right.
This really is better than Ang Lee's Hulk.


the action was awesome!
the creation of the Abomination was awesome!
the creation of the Leader was frickin' awesome!
The fight between Hulk and Abomination was EPIC.

I was laughing when I saw the Abomination swatting people around!
And Tony Stark's appearance in the end was pretty neat too.


Active Member
Nov 11, 2006
Just got back.
Gotta say, with no pun intended, it was a incredible film.
Not really a dull moment.
The homages to the TV show were great, and these interconnecting weaves in the marvel universe were great.

So is Stern suppose to turn into this "Leader" character?
(Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Marvel universe all that much)
But speaking of which, Marvel has it going on.
They know how to do Superhero movies..and WELL.

Really, the Hulk vs The Abomination fight was brutally EPIC.

I got chills when "Hulk Smash" was uttered.

Norton as Banner was top notch, and you have to wonder at the end, can he really control it?



Jan 10, 2003
Finally saw it today, and all I have to say is: That's more like it.

Awesome, awesome, and the best comic book movie since Batman Begins*, easy. My one and only complaint was Stark's cameo. Its placement in the film took alot away from the rest of the movie. It wasn't really for anyone but comic book fans or people who saw the Iron Man movie. The meditation ending was perfect; Stark's cameo should've come just before that scene or after the end credits. (Did anything happen after the credits? I really couldn't wait to get to the men's room.)
Pleasant surprise was that, while it drew from Hulk's olden days, we weren't smothered by any kind of nostalgia. (Singer, right that down.)

Great, great movie. I may just have to buy the DVD.

*Sorry. V For Vendetta.
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The sonic cannons used against the Hulk in this movie were a Stark Industries requisition I noticed upon a second viewing.
It seems to be a common theme in the last two new movies I have seen Iron Man and Hulk to have your own weapons used against you.

Jon T

Friendless Spidey
Jul 11, 2003
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Saw it this weekend, and enjoyed it immensely. It's certainly a far, far more appropriate Hulk film than Ang Lee's version was (although I still think Lee's was not without merit). There were some nice subtle touches throughout, such as the clip of Bill Bixby from an older show of his, as well the Hulk's first, almost inaudible, line heard in the bottle factory.

I also really liked how the makers kept Abomination's intelligence after transforming, instead of going the easy route and making him a completely mindless creature. By far the biggest geeky surprise for me was 'Stanley', played by none other than Paul Soles, the voice of Bruce Banner in the 1966 Marvel Super-Heroes Hulk series (as well as Spider-Man in the legendary 1967 show!).

Interesting that like Superman Returns, many of the trailers right up until the film's release still contain scenes that were cut from the finished film, most notably Bruce's conversation with Leonard Sampson. Hopefully "The Norton Cut" will eventually make it to DVD, along with the completely excised sub-plot with Banner contemplating suicide.

On that note, I was reading up on Norton's re-write of the film. Apparently, one of the main things dropped in his version were any direct references to the Ang Lee film, although at least one still remains, when General Ross specifically mentions that Banner has been on the run for five years.


a playa in a world of NPCs
Feb 24, 2002
Franklin Square, NY
Surprisingly good. In fact, I'm probably in the minority here, but I liked it better than Iron Man. It made more of a dramatic impact on me.

Now, let's get one thing straight: I still didn't like the CGI. The character modeling and lighting was quite impressive, but they just did not look like they existed in the same universe as the rest of the characters. It's a little hard to pinpoint exactly what the problem is, but ultimately it's the faces, I think. They looked cartoony, or at least video gamey. This is why sometimes it's good to deviate from the comics. A few nerds would whine, but I think a more down-to-earth design for the characters would have proven to be more effective. Perhaps just a little less green... On the plus side, it managed to look sort of like Ed Norton and the transformation scenes were mostly believable.

I also disliked the vocal work for the two monsters. It was pretty cliché deep/double voice stuff. Nothing they said could possibly sound dramatically relevant at that point.

But virtually everything else about the movie was really well done. There were certainly no missteps as obvious as those in Ang Lee's film -- so, no superfluous "comic book panel" splitscreen devices, no Hulk randomly changing size throughout the movie, and no people transforming into oceans.

Aside from the CGI quibbles (which will probably be less of an issue upon 2nd viewing), there was only one other thing that irked me a little, and that was how suddenly they transitioned to different continents, countries, and states. It wasn't a big issue, but I was just like, "Wait, is he in America now?" Most of the storytelling and pacing was great except for that aspect.

I realize I've said more negatives than positives, but at the moment I just can't think of much to say about the positives -- the movie was, simply, very good.

Stan Lee so totally needs to Hulk out in the next film. Maybe as a 'Grey Hulk'? :p
Like he tried to in The Simpsons?
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Jan 29, 2005
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Saw it on Friday. Overall it was a huge improvement over the last movie, but yet it still felt lacking. I thought some of the beginning was somewhat weak, and the movie really started to grasp my interest once Bruce Banner was with Betty Ross. Stan Lee's cameo was pretty good, as the man who opens the soda bottle with Bruce's blood in it. I also liked the little joke where Betty Ross buys Bruce the purple pants, but he refuses to wear them. Probably the best part was the Hulk Vs. Abomination, and I loved when the Hulk said "HULK SMASH!" Tony Stark's cameo was also awesome.


Team Conan
Feb 2, 2002
Lateto the partybut I have must say I was very pleased w/this production. Like many of you, I thought Mr. Blue was an offscreen cameo by Reed Richards but I knew that theory was blown when they arranged the meet-up (since F4 isn't part of Marvel Features). My 2nd choice would've been Henry McCoy aka The Beast. However I'm looking forward to The Leader in the next Hulk feature. I'm not much of a Marvel know-it-all so the name Samuel Sterns didn't register to me but I'm certain many fanboys were onto it.


Celebrating 20 Years of Sonic
Jul 18, 2003
I'm probably going to be stoned for saying this, But I was immensly disappointed in this film.

People keep calling this a 'reboot' of the franchise, but I dont get it. Incredible Hulk is pretty much a remake of Ang Lee's HULK, picking up where it left off, (With Bruce leaving the US and in hiding) and ending just as Ang Lee's HULK did as well. (Uh, with Bruce leaving the US and hiding)

Casting? Terrible. I can't picture scrawny Ed Norton (good actor as he is) as Bruce Banner. He doesn't belong in this movie, and nothing about him is appealing or interesting. And Liv tyler? Puh-leeeeeez. Piss-poor acting, who only has a career becuase she's the offspring of a washed-up rocker. The only thing likable about this film was Tim Roth's preformance.

Was there more action? Yes. But when you arent even immeresed in the storyline, or invested in the characters, then the action isn't all that exciting.

A snooze inducing two hours, which brings in explosions only for the purpose of waking up the viewer.

Franchise reboot, my ass.

Bird Boy

WF Admin
Staff member
Apr 27, 2001
Depth's of World's Finest
With The Incredible Hulk now available to own on DVD and Blu-ray, what better time than now to look back at this under-appreciated film. Once again, it is time to unleash the beast!

"There are aspects of my personality that I can't control. And when I lose control, it's very dangerous to be around me." - Bruce Banner

Release Date: June 13th, 2008
Studio: Universal Pictures, Marvel Studios
Director: Louis Leterrier
Screenwriter: Zak Penn, Edward Norton
Starring: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, Tim Blake Nelson, Ty Burrell, William Hurt

Plot Summary: The Incredible Hulk kicks off an all-new, explosive and action-packed epic of one of the most popular superheroes of all time. In this new beginning, scientist Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) desperately hunts for a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells and unleashes the unbridled force of rage within him: The Hulk.

Living in the shadows--cut off from a life he knew and the woman he loves, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler)--Banner struggles to avoid the obsessive pursuit of his nemesis, General Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt), and the military machinery that seeks to capture him and brutally exploit his power.

As all three grapple with the secrets that led to The Hulk's creation, they are confronted with a monstrous new adversary known as The Abomination (Tim Roth), whose destructive strength exceeds even The Hulk's own. Now, one scientist must make an agonizing final choice: accept a peaceful life as Bruce Banner or find heroism in the creature he holds inside--The Incredible Hulk.

Comments? What are your thoughts?

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Nov 18, 2007
#Hulk design: He is not too bulky, he's big as he should look, Hulk's face is the right amount of angry
#Funny scenes are available
#Quality is high
#Music is excellent
#Actors are great for their roles
#Homeages to the classic TV series
#They used the concept "THE MADDER HULK GETS, THE STRONGER HULK BECOMES" in a very obvious way
#Anyone here knows that Stanley the pizza guy is casted by "Pole Soles" the first voice actor of Spider-Man?
#Hulk Finally says something in live action. The things Hulk said in the "Ang Lee" movie are "Puny Human" in a dream sequence, the other thing is when he told his father "You want this power, take it" when he had his banner mind, not savage Hulk mind
#Abomination name was mentioned; but not directly as his name. They forgot to place Abomonation ears, but the abomonation talked, he said full sentences

People keep calling this a 'reboot' of the franchise, but I dont get it. Incredible Hulk is pretty much a remake of Ang Lee's HULK, picking up where it left off, (With Bruce leaving the US and in hiding) and ending just as Ang Lee's HULK did as well. (Uh, with Bruce leaving the US and hiding)
*In the end of Ang Lee's movie he was somewhere else, not in Brazil, Bruce was distributing medecine's in a dectatorate country. In this movie; he was hiding in Brazil working in a factory, and unlike last movie Bruce was looking for a cure.
*Here they didn't reuse Ang Lee's origin, they used the Bill Bixby(David Banner)/Lou Ferrigno(Hulk) origin

Casting? Terrible. I can't picture scrawny Ed Norton (good actor as he is) as Bruce Banner. He doesn't belong in this movie, and nothing about him is appealing or interesting. And Liv tyler? Puh-leeeeeez. Piss-poor acting, who only has a career becuase she's the offspring of a washed-up rocker. The only thing likable about this film was Tim Roth's preformance.
Bruce Banner is a scrawny guy, Edward Norton is scrawny enough to fell the shoes of "Bruce Banner". You don't need to picture him anyway since you already saw him
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