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May 2, 2004
I figured we could have a thread specifically for any schedule changes to be posted, and/or to just discuss The Hub's regular schedule if needed.

I noted some of The Hub’s February highlights (including a few schedule changes, premieres and specials), but The Hub’s weekend schedule is changing starting February 12.

The HubBub preschool programming is now gone from 6-8am. MLP and Pound Puppies move down an hour and a half each. Nice that HuBOOM shows will now air on weekend mornings (in addition to Mon-Thu nights as they currently have been).

(Again, this is starting February 12 – the day after Transformers Prime premieres as a full series.)

6:00AM Batman (1960s series)
6:30AM Batman (1960s series)
7:00AM G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
7:30AM Transformers (Generation 1)
8:00AM Fraggle Rock
8:30AM Dennis and Gnasher
9:00AM The Twisted Whiskers Show
9:30AM My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
10:00AM Pound Puppies
10:30AM Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
11:00AM Cosmic Quantum Ray
11:30AM Atomic Betty
12:00PM Deltora Quest
12:30PM Men in Black: The Series
1:00PM Batman Beyond
1:30PM Batman Beyond
2:00PM G.I. Joe Renegades
2:30PM Transformers Prime
3:00PM Dan Vs.
3:30PM R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series

Saturdays Only
4:00PM Hubworld
4:30PM Pictureka!
5:00PM Movie
7:00PM Transformers Prime
7:30PM G.I. Joe Renegades
8:00PM Dan Vs. (New episodes will air here starting February 26)
8:30PM R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series (New episodes)

Everything else past 9pm both days (and Sundays past 4pm) will remain as it currently is.


not like those other old guys
Feb 26, 2002
Oh I'm liking that Saturday night, Prime, Renegades and Dan Vs. all in a row.

I guess pre-school shows didn't quite pan out on weekends.

HuBOOM shows on weekend mornings is pretty cool. Downright nostalgic for some viewers I'm sure.


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Jun 27, 2007
Newington, CT, USA
Andrew T. Hingson said:
HuBOOM shows on weekend mornings is pretty cool.
With all due respect, I completely disagree. It's good that they're being given a more mainstream timeslot (as they should have been given in the first place), but both these shows are meant to be seen on weekdays (since that's how they aired originally). I really don't get it. Why weekends? It will take forever to show every episode that way. Is there some kind of bias against these shows? Is that timeslot just a placeholder for something else to come? A combination of the two?

Whatever the reason, it just doesn't make any sense. OTOH, The Hub has otherwise been a great network so far. I only hope it stays that way in the long run...


not like those other old guys
Feb 26, 2002
Weekdays is the more ideal way to watching them but they are already on weekdays as it is. So it's just an extra airing and it's better than no airings outside of late nights. I don't think there's a bias here exactly but they air these shows for nostalgic viewers first and foremost.


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