"The Ghost And Molly McGee" News & Discussion Thread


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Jan 5, 2014
Pablo Leon is working as a background artist for the series. His website says he's worked on Danger And Eggs, Muppet Babies 2018, Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz, DC Superhero Girls 2019, and Animaniacs 2020.



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I find it interesting how Grey DeLisle Griffin voiced Dorothy in the Tom And Jerry/Wizard Of Oz movies given that she would voice both The Good Witch and The Bad Witch in the Boomerang cartoon Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz, and also voiced Dorothy's mother in the Amazon cartoon Lost In Oz.
Seven years ago today, a life-changing event took place in my life. It was the day I found out CN Portugal was going to replace CN Africa and wasn't going to live with CN Africa at all.

In honor of this, I re-release my incomplete No Substitute For Crazy series made in November last year.
going to draw Merman!Kahoot later today, if I have the time
Tomorrow, I'm starting the Christmas edition of Media Brackets.

happy thanksgiving and stay safe