"The Ghost And Molly McGee" News & Discussion Thread


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It makes sense that female-led shows are dominating a channel that's notoriously popular among young girls, a lot of whom are into supernatural stuff, I guess? I mean, judging by the success of the Descendants franchise, I'd say that's true.


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It’s great we’re gettin more cartoons with female leads.

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Yeah... But sooner or later, we're gonna need some balance again. Emphasis on some. We don't need girls vs boys (which is better?) To be a thing ever again!

However, lets be somewhat real here: since this channel is female-centric and the formula is finally working in making actually good stuff like Tangled: TAS and now, Amphibia (and soon, hopefully The Owl House...), it's not that smart to back away from success without taking serious risks that will actually work out over time.

That said, I can only hope that while this turns out good, some one else can hopefully make a good show with a male protagonist to match up, if not be better. Whether it's this regime, or better yet, someone else. It's all about maintaining balance.

Also, even if this show starred a male protagonist, instead - If it were good, everyone would still likely watch it, anyway, so honestly this ain't something to make a big deal of, let alone start an argument with; apologies if I'm doing that. That's wrong of me and I hate girls vs boys nonsense - it never leads to anything good.


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Looking at the LinkedIn profile for Stefan Tzekov, it looks like Mercury Filmworks will work on the series.


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I really like what I'm seeing. This looks like Mercury Filmworks best work yet!

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I wasn't sold when this series was first announced, but it's looking better and better :) I added this on my list of cartoons that I look forward to.


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Disney seems to be on a roll. I do wonder why Nick is so short on this kind of quality with so many great people in the industry.
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I know about Molly McGee ever since it first announced last year, and I thought the premise is pretty interesting and the character designs look really nice.

Now looking at these clips, it looked really good. Looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.

I do wonder why Nick is so short on this kind of quality with so many great people in the industry.

They're just playing it safe by focusing on established properties rather than taking risks with originality. Then again, even if they present something original, they usually screwed it up.
(I still never forgive them for the way they treated Harvey Beaks, though...)


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