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Sep 22, 2011
Where I live, Fox Kids shared a station with UPN, at least during the Digimon era.


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Jul 5, 2010
This was cool! I did recognize several of the ads, as I had seen them before on a compliation of Garfield and Friends ads from the same year. And I've seen the Everything Is Happening on FOX ad before too.
Which episodes did these ads come from?


Aug 21, 2010
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It should be noted that it wasn't too long after this Fox Kids went away from KNXV, as did Fox. The entire market, excepting KPNX-12 (the NBC station), was caught in the chaos that followed Fox getting the NFL. Almost every station was gaining or losing an affiliation and nobody quite knew what was happening or when. KNXV ended up becoming ABC after their owner, EW Scripps, signed an affiliation pact; people had been expecting KNXV to become CBS in a straight swap. That wasn't happening because CBS themselves had signed a deal with Meredith, owners of KPHO-5, the market's long-time indie station. KSAZ-10, the incumbent CBS station, was set to become Fox as one of the many New World stations (it had just recently been acquired from Citicasters, the old Taft Broadcasting). And all this shuffling left KTVK, the then-locally owned ABC affiliate, out in the cold as an indie. And the switches themselves were rather drawn out because of waiting for pre-existing contracts to expire, and this meant viewers were utterly confused, as some of the stations got their new network programming in stages, rather than all at once. This explains why there's a random GMA promo on what was otherwise still a Fox station.

It was sheer chaos -- KNXV's manager was quoted as saying "It's like they dropped an atom bomb." And, as you'd expect, Fox Kids got the short end of the stick. KSAZ, as most of the New World stations did, passed it up because the weekday component would interfere in their plans for more news and cheap talk shows all afternoon. It bounced around, landing on KTVK for a time, alongside Kids WB, before both got sent to a new station on channel 61, KASW, that was launched to handle the WB and FK while KTVK concentrated on news and movies.

All good and confused? Well, so were they.
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Sep 24, 2003
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FYI, the pre-empted show was actually Batman.
My memory says Fall '94 was the time Batman was retitled "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" and moved to Saturdays only so Power Rangers could take the prime 4:30 weekday slot. And one of the promos is clearly for Power Rangers following Animaniacs, so that had to be when the switch was made.


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