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I am a DuMont production.
Sep 15, 2006
Salem, OR.
KOIN has started playing the national anthem every morning at 3:59am. Apparently it's a different one each time. If Pete could record one and put it on the FPO site, that would be really groovy.
Feb 23, 2011
Milwaukie, Oregon

Here is what I think is the very first version of the "Spirit of the Northwest" theme tune KATU had used for its promo plugs, in 1988.

Complete lyrics:
The spirit of the Northwest!
It's alive and it's been on the rise
One look, and you'll see it
We share your dreams and treasured pride
The Northwest spirit, you've got it!

The spirit of the Northwest!
It's alive on Channel 2
Come help us celebrate the spirit of the Northwest with you!
(The spirit of the Northwest!)

It's in every helping hand
One touch, and you'll feel it
There's something special across the land
The Northwest spirit, you've got it!

The spirit of the Northwest!
It's alive on Channel 2
Celebrate the spirit of the Northwest on K-A-T-U!

I also remember seeing a 30-second version, which contains only the first part of the jingle in the first key (E flat) and I remember this 30-second version of the jingle was either completely instrumental, or have just the last line of the chorus sung.

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