"The Flash (2014)" Season Five Talkback (Spoilers)

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Yes, have some.
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Jul 13, 2003
This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. lol

Which is one of the reasons I thought it was drastic. Vibe was basically the MVP of the fight. I mean at the least he could've kept his powers and gone into retirement, coming out of it for whatever big crisis comes up, pun intended.
Agreed on both counts.

Ah fair point. I wonder what changed.
I'm curious if being in 2019 means a different set of heroes team up versus who teamed up in 2024.

Not gonna lie, an alternate Oliver Queen as the villain would be epic, though it would be a bit of deja vu after Season 2.
He would have to be completely far gone than Zoom, Savitar, or Nazi Oliver. As the seasons/episodes went on, they humanized them too much. Like make Red Death straight up evil, no emotional chinks in his armor. But granted it's hard to do it for 22 episodes. Like the first half of next season is probably them trying hunt down Thawne but they can't then the Crisis cross over then the rest of the season is deal with the ramifications, and hypothetically, this is when Red Death arrives.
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Aug 3, 2002
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Yeah, that takes a really important tactic away from Team Flash -- I guess the writer's room justification is the team was getting too OP. Look at season 1 hero team up against Thawne vs. this season's hero team up against Thawne. But there were also the rumors Valdes wanted to leave the show anyway but to have the option to come back.
That's exactly what I was thinking when Cisco took the meta cure: with Valdes wanting to leave the show to pursue other work, this was pretty much the show's way of writing his character off while giving him the opportunity to come back and guest star in future episodes.
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Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
The Flash "Legacy"

This was the first decent Flash finale since the first, and honestly, THAT was only decent. This was great. Why?

I am a firm believer that it's a bad idea to kill off heroes in fiction. As a rule, I think you shouldn't do it. The notable exception being deaths that matter to the story and have stakes, because the sacrifice makes sense and fits into the overarching theme of the arc. Do you know how hard that is to pull off? It's safer just to kill heroes rarely instead.

But Nora's death was amazing. It was a genuine sacrifice, a conscious decision on her end, she had an amazing goodbye scene and farewell message, and her parents were able to appreciate having her in their lives at all. Flash is a show that kills off heroes frequently. This has been the only acceptable hero death it has ever done. I think Eddie's in season 1 was okay, but the stakes were much lower because we cared about Eddie less than Iris did. This has huge ramifications for both Barry, Iris, AND us, because as annoyed as Nora routinely made me, I still kinda liked her. And I loved her death. That is a gift for any show to pull off. I imagine there will critics who will accuse the show of laying it on a little thick in her farewell. So what? Pound sand, critics. Good hurt is rare. I want to be able to fully enjoy that hurt in the one in a thousand chance it actually happens. Embrace the sap, hatas. I always have.

And the best part is the idea that the shenanigans pushed back the Crisis to 2019. That was genius. I can't wait to see Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl's last scene now too.

Excellent way to write Cisco out of the show. Although I could crossly point out that just because he's cured, that doesn't mean he has to leave Starlabs. He didn't always have powers when he worked there.

Ralph's reverse state at the beginning of the episode was quite unnerving and gruesome. Yikes!

I love that Singh has always known. It's good for a show to make its thankless background players secretly awesome. It always helps the show. Always.

I think the reason I was disappointed Thawne got away is because his plan was stupid, or at least not something I would have ever done. I get that time was erased, so it was no-harm, no-foul, but when the electricity from the execution chamber went towards me, I wouldn't have loudly escaped and killed the guards in a public fashion. I would be halfway around the world having faked my death, and giving myself the proper time to regroup. And as seen as how badly his fight went with Team Flash, he's super rusty. It's good Flash undid that dumb idea, but if Thawne had truly been sitting with the idea of this potential escape for 15 years, he would have done better to think to immediately fake his death upon the switch being thrown.

But honestly, the rest of the episode was so earnest, and made me smile in the right places, and broke my heart in the right places. Just because Thawne's plan sucked, doesn't mean the episode did. 5 stars. *****.
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deficit omne quod nasciture
Apr 9, 2010
I thought I made it pretty clear I do. From the previous seasons, I started to dislike Flash and Legends.
Ands that's why I mentioned that personal opinions aside, Legends has rebounded from it meandering first season into the best Arrowverse show (and one of the best on network tv) and to lump it in with Arrow and Flash feels like a huge disservice to that progress. Because Legends has done everything but drop the ball, especially considering that they started out the gate with said ball already dropped.

Honestly, and this will sound weird at first so let me explain, I think Cisco taking the cure was a bit of a knee jerk reaction. I know, I know, they've been hinting at this all season, but Cisco's reasoning was... odd. He removed his powers in the end because he saw them as the only reason he was extraordinary? I mean, does anyone else think that's a bit drastic? To me, it'd be like declawing a cat. Yeah it makes everything convenient and it makes life easier, but in the end they're robbed of something vital to their lives. Meh, maybe it's just me.
I honestly believe anybody who watches the show was completely confused about Cisco's decision to take the cure. Especially since Cisco's time on the team has absolutely been defined by his genius and not his powers. And rumors surrounding Carlos Valdez are ironically just as confusing too. It's not common knowledge that he wanted to leave the show and I don't actually believe hes officially out either, they've just been that, rumors (rumors that he himself hasn't even confirmed). This was def a soft exit. He'll be back and my guess is that, given the Monitor's fondest of Ciscos powers, that they'll get restored during the crisis.


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Jun 9, 2002
Troy NY
They've kind of come full circle, with Thawne returning in season 6. We're right back where we started, after a fashion, and I honestly think this is because the new showrunner wants to retell Thawne's story. Either that, or they have run out of ideas, and this could be the end for this show.

I've never thought of Thawne as the greatest nemesis. That's a product of this show's creative gerbils having a serious sci-fi hard-on.

That said, I've got Thawne-fatigue. He's been a factor in all but one season, and that is too much. Some things should've been left well enough alone.
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Road to Gotham

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Sep 5, 2003
I love an episode in which not one Reverse-Flash appears but two.
Both Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher in the same episode perhaps in a CRISIS.



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