"The Final Days of PAX" Talkback

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Aug 21, 2010
Great Meadows, NJ
Ah, PAX. Home of revivals of Supermarket Sweep and Shop Til You Drop--- though the latter went downhill in 2003 when it changed from a mall to a warehouse, ditched Pat Finn and Dee Bradley Baker, removed the stunts and, well, all the fun, and filled the show with product plugs that even the new host seemed to resent. I suspect that PAX's huge financial issues had something to do with the latter-- per Randy West (announcer on Sweep for most of its' run on PAX), PAX had over $1 billion in debt by 2005, which would certainly explain all the PAX-branded services and products you taped promos of.


Dec 4, 2015
All I have of PAX are several episodes of the Hogan Family that were recorded from there in the late 90's. And the ads aren't even in them, as is life.

I wonder, has anyone put up a Lost Media Wiki page for Palmetto Pointe? Cause that needs to happen. Like right now.

And I totally got what you were saying while you were talking about PAX Mall. I have the ad you're referencing on at least one of my discs from 1993 (specifically a SNICK block) and the whole script goes by really quickly so I barely noticed.
I thought you were talking about Penny Arcade Expo.
Me too, because PAX got a whole new meaning ever since the PAX network shut down.

I've never heard of the PAX Network until the day I was browsing some defunct British forums in September 2005 and they said that they were talking about I, and that the full name was reminiscent of the ITV network. Just a few months later I was aware of the existence of its predecessor, PAX. They were some religious, patriotic channel that was operating on New York's channel 31, where WNYC used to be. As well as a bunch of other channels, usually with "PX" in the calls. There even was a deal with NBC stations to provide local primetime news. 2000-2002 IIRC.