The Fairly Odd Parents 20th aniversery


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Aug 8, 2020
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here are some episodes that remind me of somethings.
Hex Games (the skateboarding contest reminds me of It's a Happily Ever After, After All)
Inspection Defection (it reminds me of Pizza Delivery)
Just the Two of us (It reminds me of X-games first class and Squares Squares Everywhere)
Channel Chasers (it reminds me of Phineas and Ferb Gets Busted)
Five Days of Flarg (it reminds me of the Barney Song My Yellow Blankey)
Fairly odd baby (it reminds me of the brave little toaster)
Wishology (it reminds me of pecky serave)
Stupid Cupid (it reminds me of The Barney Live In New York City version of Me and My Teddy)
Take n Fake (It reminds me of Cinderella)
Cosmo Rules (it Reminds me of It's Buster Bunny Time)
and The Terrible Twosome (It reminds me of the spongebob episodes with spot in them)
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Nov 11, 2001
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Today’s is the 20th aniversery of the Nickelodeon second biggest hit animated show the fairly odd parents witch I remember watching it as a kid the premiere episode was the big problem / power mad what was your first introduction to the show and best old pre poof episode and why?
I started watching the show in late 2018.......yeah about a year after the show ended. Then again I've spent the past few years getting around to watching popular animated shows I missed out on over the past 20 something years


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