"The Death of Superman" Animated Release Talkback (Spoilers)

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The Death of Superman - Discuss and Rate this DC Universe Movie!

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Aug 14, 2003
I'm happy with the new Death of Superman but I have a problem with the Justice League of this universe. I hate to see Flash and Green Lantern behave like Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. I prefer to have Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! Flash and Green Lantern are pairs of Batman and Superman!
I miss the Justice League Animated where the 7 were treated as icons (DC Universe could make them come back!)
Neither am I happy with the aspects of Superman and Wonder Woman, I hope that when returning Superman has the classic collar, maybe the red trunks. And I do not like his face either ... Superman's best look was Superman / Shazam: The Return of the Black Adam, they should use that.
And the Wonder Woman costume has to be the classic, or the Gal Gadot costume.
The joke of the meeting of parents of Bruce did not like me at all, indeed, should ignore in the movies of the League that Batman is a father.
And I do not know how they did not make the heroes carry the Superman coffin !! :eek:

I loved the movie and I really want to see the Reign, but I can not avoid seeing things that bother me in this universe. The best: to have Hawkman in the League and that the Kent are alive!. Maybe we need to see in future movies Ray Palmer, Red Tornado, Green Arrow, Firestorm, Black Canary to feel this more familiar universe!
Hopefully the Reign of the Supermen will bring a more mature Hal Jordan and leave him ready for the Emerald Twilight!

Point in favor of Superman Doomsday, the soundtrack! They gave Superman the best song in their history since John Williams! Every time they put that theme everything made it more exciting!
Something happened with the soundtracks, they became very simple! The one of the New Frontier also unforgettable.
It was something that was never neglected throughout the JL Animated / JLU, where all the characters had their song, even those who appeared less, like the Blackhawks or the New Gods.
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Miyamoto Musashi

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Nov 18, 2007
I like this movie, liked it more than most of the current line-up of DC animated movie world I've watched so far.
One thing this movie did better than the film I prefer -Superman: Doomsday- is that it has both Jonathan and Martha (WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?) present, and they like Lois Lane.

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Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
The Death Of Superman

Wow, that was amazing.

I was skeptical about this movie because I thought it was a bit unfair this story got a second bite at the apple after Superman Doomsday blew it so much, but I'm glad they did it anyways. It was an amazingly moving movie because it was set in a continuity we had been in, and knew the characters from, which was Superman Doomsday's entire problem. People can talk smack about the New 52 inspired movie continuity all they want. The truth is, even though it has made its share of bad movies (including the deplorable Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay) it has actual stakes because if a character is killed off, they aren't just going to ignore it in the next movie as if everything is a total reboot. And it kills me it took this long for the DC movies to start their own continuity. Frankly, the continuity itself could be better. I would have rather a continuity set in the world of Crisis On Two Earths, Justice League Doom, or Public Enemies. And yet, for better or worse, it helps the subtext of each movie to be a continuing story. Especially if the movie is good.

That fight was tense and scary and emotional all at the same time. I don't recall a better boarded fight in any of the previous movies, but that's not why I liked it. It had resonance for me. Lois's resignation that the man she loved was dead so she had nothing to live for. Luthor actually being legitimately upset when Superman saves his life. Batman almost losing control upon realizing after the battle what the world has lost. And I think the moment that touched me most was not only Superman saving the little kid on the bridge, but being amazing enough to save the videogame the kid risked his life for. And he gets a hug out of it. I don't know, man. That like GOT to me and spoke to me on a level most of these movies do not. And Bibbo. I always thought the character was a bit of a dumb joke, but I got his selling point here for the first time ever. You feel for the dumb joke characters once you realize things have stopped being funny.

I love that Superman is having a hard time navigating his relationship to Lois, and asks Flash about how he handles his secret ID with Iris. It's the fact that Superman doesn't actually know that marriage and romance is a partnership yet, is why truly makes him seem alien to me, not his secrets.

Speaking of his secrets. My heart broke that the Kents were told to move along at the police line at the end. How messed up is that? Superman's own parents aren't allowed to mourn him at his funeral because of the Secret Identity. It's just unfair on every level, and adding insult to injury to the poor Kents, especially when they are forced to cook up a lame reason on the spot as to why they are so devastated. And I love that the movie did that. A lot about death is unfair, and I imagine the death of a superhero is especially unfair to his loved ones who are forced to keep the secret after the fact.

I love the callback to the "You've got me? Who's got you?" thing from the movie. I love it when DC projects reference other DC projects, especially the classic stuff.

This was my favorite of the In Continuity movies. Even if Reign Of The Supermen winds up sucking, I will always love the first part, regardless. That really spoke to me and moved me. 5 stars.