"The Death and Return of Superman" Classic Video Game Talkback (Spoilers)

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James Harvey

The World's Finest
Staff member
Apr 23, 2001
With the arrival of Superman Doomsday (Feature Talkback, DVD Talkback), what better time to discuss the "classic" video game based on the characters and storylines that influenced the new Superman animated movie?

The Death and Return of Superman is based on the popular DC Comics The Death of Superman and The Reign of the Supermen." Doomsday is in the process of destroying Metropolis, and it's up to you as Superman to put an end to his destructive ways. You'll have to fight through his army of goons, and then prepare for the ultimate showdown with Doomsday himself. If you defeat your nemesis, you actually both die and you assume the role of one of the other heroes who claim to be the "real" Superman The Cyborg, The Eradicator, The Man of Steel, or Superboy and start over again. Each Superman has unique powers, and each will require a different approach to be successful. If you can make it through the game as all five men, the truth will be revealed! Available for SNES and Sega Genesis.


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Staff member
Mar 4, 2006
Any Superman game that has bullets hurt you is an automatic fail. Screw this, this game sucked.


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