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That one that banters over Sony TV channels
Mar 29, 2018
Discovery Investigation France
discovery investgation france.png

ES1 (French Esports channel)

GINX Esports TV (IDK what feed is too)
ginx esports tv.png

Sundance TV France
sundance tv france.png

TCM Cinéma (France)
tcm cinema france.png


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I'm so glad that Uncle Grandpa is getting more respect as time goes on.
How come X-Men Evolution aired on Kids' WB instead of Fox Kids, despite...

-WB owning Marvel's rival DC
-Fox showing the preceding cartoon, X-Men(and indeed all Marvel cartoons inbetween those two not counting UPN's Hulk and the syndicated Fantastic Four/Iron Man)
-The show coming off the heels of the X-Men movie... made by Fox
R.I.P. 20th Century Fox
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One week from now you'll know where it is.