"The Blacklist" Season Six Talkback (Spoilers)

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"...I know now that those bones in that bag are Raymond Reddington's, the real Raymond Reddington--my father. I know that this man is an impostor. Why he came into my life, why he took your life, why he spent the last 30 years pretending to be Raymond Reddington... I'm gonna figure all that out, and then I'm going to destroy him."

The sixth and final season of The Blacklist is premiering right now on NBC! Then tune in on Friday at 8 ET for part two!

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"Dr. Hans Koehler" - Season Premiere
Thursday, January 3, 2019 @ 10 p.m. ET/9 CT on NBC
Red and the Task Force search for a plastic surgeon who creates new identities for wanted criminals. Meanwhile, Liz and her sister Jennifer secretly investigate the events that took place the night the real Raymond Reddington died.

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Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
The Blacklist "Dr. Hans Koehler"

I liked the bank robbery at the beginning a lot. But do you know what? All of the sly double-entendres at the end grated. If Liz WANTED Red to know exactly what she was up to, mission accomplished. Both pronouns and lies exist for a reason, Liz. Use them.

But it wasn't a terrible start to the season by any means. ***1/2.

The Blacklist "The Corsican"

This episode was definitely running short on time. There is no other explanation as to why there was an entire act devoted to defusing a bomb interspersed with Red making a fake jokey speech at the U.N.

For the record, Liz is detestable. Just for the record. I understand her misgivings during the episode for the amount of lives "Red" has saved, but that's too little too late. And as she noted this guy has been Red longer than her father ever was.

Good stuff is coming up in the next few weeks. The genius thing about Liz being the traitor is that she is (along with perhaps Dembe) the only person Red might be inclined to someday forgive. They did NOT just blow up the entire show to do it, and it was a juicy betrayal anyways. Plus they were kind enough to reveal it to the audience in the very first week, instead of jerking us around for months on end. More stuff like that, please. It is really not to much to ask from my TV.

Red got the worst luck with the beat cop he did. Besides the fact that he's honest, and not willing to take cartoonishly expensive bribes, he has no imagination or sense of humor. He is never going to be charmed by Red, which is why he has slipped through the police's fingers for as long as he has. Somehow Red got stuck with a beat cop too stupid to be fooled by him. How ironic is that?

I love the autograph thing. I bet the cop throws it out. He shouldn't. It IS actually worth money. But I think the cop is too honest and stupid for his own good.

Great episode (if a bit meandering in the middle) but I'm much more excited about the weeks to come. ****.

The Penguin

All Hail the King!
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Week two, episode three, finds The Blacklist in its actual time slot, Fridays at 9 ET. Right now on NBC.

"The Pharmacist"
Friday, January 11, 2019 @ 9 p.m. ET/8 CT on NBC
Red defends himself in court, while the task force hunts a renegade doctor and biohacker.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
The Blacklist "The Pharmacist"

I now see a huge problem with the season, and it wasn't actually an issue in the last couple of weeks, so I figured the series wouldn't be dumb enough to make this mistake. What I had assumed was that the goal would be breaking Red out of prison and going back to the status quo. He could have a few weeks in prison and we could see a messy trial with Red playing dumb, and that would be it. But I'm thinking the show isn't thinking of the larger implications of Red revealing the immunity agreement. Simply because Red was publicly arrested, it was on the news, and he visibly went to prison. Lets say the judge rules in his favor after a few weeks of back and forth. How are they going to explain such a high profile criminal going free? There is no explanation. It's possible if Red IS freed, perhaps the government would stage a prison break to keep his cover, but that's really the only way out, and as a storytelling device a prison break has drawbacks too. Because Red revealed the immunity agreement, there is no guarantee the people in charge would ever make it again, especially if Red is going to tell a judge about it. It would probably be safer for everyone if they just considered Red's five years of service valuable, but they threw him to the wolves anyways. Instead, the agreement being discussed at all makes me think this is going to be a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

Case in point: Harold should not have lied on the stand. He said he did it to protect himself and the team. In reality, the lie compromises them both. Because I think Cooper could definitely justify in hindsight the times he's looked the other way without losing his job. The only difference is that Red would lose the agreement. It would be in HAROLD'S best interest to tell the truth. Which tells me he lied because he likes Red. Which is totally dumb. I'm a little annoyed to be honest.

I like that hacker place Aram took Navabi to, and that they watch American Ninja Warrior in their spare time.

Is Red dying? TBD...

It's weird and unusual that the Blacklister of the week is actually innocent. I was glad he was, but the guy who sabotaged him was a total dirtbag. I was pleased when Ressler told him he was gonna be charged for attempting to murder a federal agent.

I don't know why Red is a criminal. He should be a freaking lawyer. That was amazing.

I think the show is writing itself into a hole that only a prison break can fill. But unfortunately, I don't know if I'd buy things returning to the status quo if that actually happened. We'll see. But this was the first week of the season I started to have misgivings. ***1/2.


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