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Aug 2, 2009
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So I discover there's an Australian version of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. It's similar to the American version, but there are some differences.

* The host talks about episode synopsis of certain shows.
* It's shorter from the North American version.
* We get something called "Back2Back".
* Mike, Lu and Og are now in the Fridays' intro

It amazes me that they were able to get the voice overs of their respective to do the AU version. Does anyone have more info on this version or bumper that haven't been posted on youtube yet?


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Oct 5, 2014
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There are some instances where they differentiate blocks, in this case I have seen different voice overs for the UK/Australia regions before, but other than that its cool that they do have differences to the American block.

Mr HooPoe

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Oct 9, 2017
I saw those awhile back, and it was definitely something in its own right. Then again, Australian Cartoon Network has its own special style that seems to stand out anyway.

One important difference is that each week seemed to have a different skit (hence the synopsis observation that Tommy noticed), whereas the original CCF reused skits most of the time (many of the complaints to CCF had to do with this). The hosts were the same, even though it did not seem to utilise that lip-synching technology that the original CCF used when it had its characters talk.

The jokes themselves were...out there, to say the least. See for yourself, but they were not always the most appropriate things.

There were two kinds of schedules for CCF 2001 (which was styled after US CCF 2000) from what I saw. One had the .com pick, followed by episodes of what were the hottest new shows at the time-- The Powerpuff Girls; Courage the Cowardly Dog (a new episode at that); Mike, Lu & Og; and Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in that order. The other schedule started with Back 2 Back (two episodes of one show), was followed by the Premiere Premiere and an episode of Johnny Bravo, and ended with the .com pick. It started at 18:30 and ended at 21:00 (or 6:30 PM and 9:00 PM in their terms).

My biggest issue was the blatantly copied animation that really looked out of place a lot. If it was more like the United States version, then it would have been great to see. Thankfully, the diverse writing makes up for it.

Those special events that I saw were impressive, too. There was a live show hosted by Johnny Bravo, along with Double D hosting an interview with Nadine Stillwater of the CN pilot My Freaky Family, which was part of the top three in The Big Pick II.

Besides Latin America, Australia seemed to be the only country in the world that treated Mike, Lu & Og with some respect (apparently more than for Cow and Chicken in this block--that introduction has Mike and Lu replacing any and all scenes with Cow specifically). Also, unlike the United States, which shoved the show into a death slot by the second series, the Australian CCF not only gave it a good amount of screen time while even talking of the anticipation leading up to the second series premiere. (Funny since American Double D treated the show's return to the schedule as a surprise while the Australian Double D was quite enthusiastic.) Even as someone who does not like the show at all (leave me alone now), it is somewhat enlightening to see all Cartoon Cartoons to get equal respect (even with Sheep in the Big City making its newcoming appearance).

Another video has an introduction to what seems to be Australia CCF 2002, but I have no idea what the deal is with that besides having Time Squad and Grim & Evil in the lineup (Mike, Lu & Og seemed to have disappeared at that point, though).

Overall, Tommy, while not an Australian, I cannot comment on much beyond the available footage online. However, this information may be helpful.


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