The "Ask a FUNimation Rep" Compilation Thread

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Jan 26, 2002
I don't know about all of you, but going through every post in the "Ask the Rep from FUNimation" thread just to see if a question was asked is a giant pain in the ass. It is for this reason, along with the fact that I have nothing to do until my Geology final tomorrow, that I organized it all. 99.6% of the questions are here and arranged in an easy to understand format. Questions that don't really matter anymore (like anything having to do with Naruto, for example), has been thrown into under the title "Not Applicable." If there are any that should be added to this category, feel free to tell me. Again, I would like to thank Mr. Heiskell for answering nearly fourteen pages of questions. Here we go...

Cased Closed/Detective Conan:

Q: So...when is FUNi going to release Episodes 5-52 of Case Closed on DVD?
A: Verdict is still out.

Q: Have you been satisfied with how Cased Closed has doing on TV?
A: We have been very satisfied with Case Closed.

Q: How often will Case Closed DVD's be coming out?
A: 6 to 8 weeks.


Q: Can you confirm when is the Dragon Ball Box set for the uncut version of the Emperor Pilaf Saga (Dragon Ball episodes 1-13) is coming out?
A: The sublicense for the first saga has not expired, therefore we cannot release the first 13 episodes at this time.

Q: Does FUNimation have a release schedule (tentative or not) for the following titles:

(01) Dragon Ball: The Saga of Goku Redub (aka the 1st 13 episodes)
(02) Dragon Ball: Movie 01: Curse of the Blood Rubies Redub
(03) Dragon Ball: Movie 02: Sleeping Princess Devil's Castle
(04) Dragon Ball Z: The Great Saiyaman Saga
(05) Dragon Ball Z: Movie 10

And is there any chance that we'll see a release of Dragon Ball Z: Destroy All Saiyans? I know it was part of a video game that never came to America but I've heard that the cutscenes were released on video in Japan back in the '90s.
A: 1-3 still with sublicense. Can't release yet.
4-5 Spring 2005 Broly's back...sort of.

Q: Do you have any vague idea of when the sublicense for DragonBall: The Emperor Pilaf saga will be dropped?
A: No.

Q: Are there ever going to be saga sets for Dragonball GT?
A: Not for a long while.

Q: This may sound strange, but will FUNimation release the Ocean (Canada and UK) dubs of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, & Dragon Ball GT in the UK? This may sound stupid, but I was just wondering as almost no Dragon Ball discs are out over there and you sound like the ones to do it (Or hand it off to someone else.).
A: My magic eight ball Yoda says..."Difficult to see. Always in motion is the force." Dang. I'll try again asking later.

No DBZ on DVD in the UK? That sucks! I had no idea. I need to look into that. There must be a reason. (I don't handle the brand management of DBZ/DB/DBGT-so I don't know all the intricate deals with the shows.)

Q: Will Funimation be replacing the music in the remaining DBZ movies?
A: Yes for the dubs. You get the original music in the subtitled track.

Q: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could fire gigantic energy blasts?
A: When creating gigantic energy blasts, one has to understand physics and the concept of heat convection.

Convection is heat transfer by mass motion of a fluid such as air or water when the heated fluid is caused to move away from the source of heat, carrying energy with it. Convection above a hot surface occurs because hot air expands, becomes less dense, and rises.

Convection is thought to play a major role in transporting energy from the center of the Sun to the surface, and in movements of the hot magma beneath the surface of the Earth.

In ordinary heat transfer on the Earth, it is difficult to quantify the effects of convection since it inherently depends upon small nonuniformities in an otherwise fairly homogeneous medium.

To answer your question, I'd say the amount of wood to chuck would be equivalent to 12 orders of "Moon Over My Hammy" at your local Denny's.

Q: Will the Great Saiyaman Saga be released just like the Cell Games (volume one with starter box, or the complete saga)?
A: The Great Saiyaman Saga will be released just like the Cell Games with volume 1 with starter box and a separate volume 1.

Q: I was watching th GT episode where they have flashbacks to DBZ. In a Season 1 flashback, I noticed the old Season 1 lines were used. For the redub, will it have different lines?
A: I don't know.

Fruits Baskets:

Q: My little sister ask me to ask this question. In the upcoming Fruits Basket box set is there going to be anything special in it beside the art box, and the 4 DVDs?
A: No premiums for the Fruits Basket box set, the DVDs are special enough.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Q: Can you confirm whether Fullmetal Alchemist's songs will be dubbed? I've heard that Sony has not given the rights to the songs to FUNimation to dub them and am just looking for confirmation.
A: The songs on Fullmetal Alchemist will not be dubbed. What you heard was just rumor. There were several factors that made us decide on not doing the dub for the songs.

Q: Can you tell me what will be the closing theme(s) played during Fullmetal Alchemist's Adult Swim run?
A: The closing themes on Adult Swim will be the same as the Japanese release. The run lengths for the opening and closing will likely change.

Q: Can we expect little giveaways with the Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs similar to the Kiddy grade trading cards (which rule, by the way)?
A: <response to question>

<approaching keyboard to type werds>



<evil grin><b>Maybe...</b></evil grin>



</chairs> </table>

</approaching keyboard to type werds>

</response to question>

Q: What merchandising plans do you have for FMA within the next year?
A: You better start saving your money right now.

Q: My main question is this: Will FUNimation have any hand in the domestic release of the Square Enix PS2 game?
A: Square Enix was on hand and supervised the dub of the video game at a sound studio in Dallas. All the VA's from the game are the same as the anime.

Q: Are there any plans to bring Fullmetal Alchemist to Canadian TV?
A: Don't know yet.

Q: How about the Fullmetal Alchemist movie? Will that be in theatres?
A: Don't know yet.

Q: Will the FMA boxes actually be boxes or tins, like the Japanese release?
A: They will be metal boxes (tins). There will be three of them. The first will hold 5 volumes and the other two will hold 4 volumes.

Out tins will have illustrations with some of the metal showing through.

I have the metal box from the series. I also like the cool clear plastic DVD cases but they wouldn't work with the US retailers.

Q: Will FUNimation ever try to release one of its dubbed movies in theaters?
A: Depends on if we have theatrical rights and if there is a strong enough demand.

Q: How will FMA be released? bi monthly perhaps?
A: Fullmetal Alchemist will be on a 7-8 week release schedule.

Q: Will the FMA boxsets be released along with the DVDs?
A: Don't hold your breath on Fullmetal Alchemist box sets. Those are years from now.

Q: Will they release box set A (discs 1-3) when/near disc 3 is released, or will the box sets only be released after all the discs have been released?
A: There will be three metal starter boxes for Fullmetal Alchemist. The first holds 5 and the other two hold 4. The first starter box will include volume 1. The second starter box will include volume 6. The third starter box will include volume 10.

Q: Is there still no word on FMA being pitched to any Canadian stations?
A: Still no word on the TV in Canada.

Galaxy Railways:

Q: Does Funimation already have the second Galaxy Railways series in the bag, or is that a separate license (a la ADV and Super Gals S2)?
A: A separate license.

Gunslinger Girl:

Q: I was wondering if you had any new details about Gunslinger Girl, like episode/disc count, possible goodies/bonuses included with a possible volume 1 with box, possible co-promotions with ADV since they've got the GSG manga, television airing possibilities (at the Funi at Otakon you said it was probably unlikely, but any new developments would be welcome) and so forth?

Also, will there be any outside merchandise for Gunslinger Girl like T-Shirts, Wallscrolls, Statuettes, Gun Replicas, Artbooks, etc?
A: We have a killer announcement for Gunslinger Girl but can't announce till all the rights are sorted.

Hunter X Hunter:

Q: You guys interested in Hunter X Hunter?
A: We know it's popular.

Kirby: Right Back At Ya!:

Q: Will FUNimation release anymore Kirby DVDs?
A: I will have to check on the Kirby DVDs.


Q: I'd like to know what the status of Kodocha is. I know that FUNi was pitching it to Cartoon Network (I mean this can just be assumed of any of their titles)... and how is the casting going for that? Has there been extensive casting for the lead character, cause it would take a special VA to pull off cheesy (but cute) hip hop in every episode and also having the kind of range to deliver comedic AND dramatic lines successfully.
A: Kodocha will be out early next summer. We haven't started the dub process yet for the show but we are close.

Q: How are you localizing Kodocha?
A: We are taking it one line count at a time. We have medications lined up for the translater, script supervisor, ADR director, voice actress and DVD subtitler. The motor-mouth, mile-a-minute production process will soon begin.

Q: Is Funi going to try to write an English version of "Ultra Relax", the second (and IMO, better of the two) OP to Kodocha?
A: Most likely.

Q: Will the songs in Kodacha be dubbed?
A: In French no less!!!!

<just kidding>

In Greek!!!!!!!


Can't say 100% sure but more than likely.

Q: Well, I (we) just found out that Laura Bailey was casted as Sana in Kodacha. Laura Bailey is one of my favorite VA's but may I ask why she was chosen for Sana?
A: According to the ADR director, her take on the character was the best read when considering you need a voice that is very hyper without being annoying.
It's great.


Q: Will you ever release Medabots onto DVD?
A: ADV Films has Medabots.

One Piece:

Q: What was up with you guys having One Piece at one time?
A: It's complicated. I'll leave it at that.

Q: Any word on releasing One Piece?
A: Can't say.

Q: One Piece Uncut?
A: Case in point on questions that I have to purposely not answer for various reasons.

Samurai 7:

Q: Any tidbits on Samurai 7 you can share with us?
A: We have a cool cameo planned for the Samurai 7 dub. Can't say more about it. No, it is not a pizza cat.

Q: Can you tell us when Samurai 7 is going to be released?
A: Expect Samurai 7 in late summer.

Shaman King:

Q: Why is Shaman King being delayed?
A: I don't know but I will soon. Let you know then.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Q: Any chance there will be more TMNT box sets?
A: I will have to look into this.

Tenchi Muyo! OAV Three:

Q: Can you confirm which of the original VAs have agreed to come back for Tenchi Muyo! OAV3?
A: Not at this time. We know the fans want this.

Q: With regards to Tenchi Muyo! OVA 3, do you have an idea of how Funimation will release it? Will it be 2 discs, 3, more?
A: Tenchi Muyo! OVA 3 is 6 episodes. More than likely 2 volumes.

Q: Will the dubbing process for Tenchi Muyo! OVA 3 involve looking at the first two OVA's in regards to matching character personalities and script decisions?
A: I've mentioned that to production.

Q: Have you already started working on Tenchi Muyo! OVA 3, or will you wait until all the episodes have been released in Japan?
A: Initial start has begun. Keep in mind that episode 6 will be released in 2005 in Japan. Still a ways to go on this.

Q: Will you be offering a special edition Tenchi disc or box?
A: <evil grin>

Q: Will there be any extras?
A: <evil grin>

Ultimate Muscle:

Q: Is there any chance of FUNI getting the first Ultimate Muscle anime from the 80's?
A: No chance.


Q: Is Funimation looking into getting the first series of Yu-Gi-Oh! made by Toei animation?
A: No. 4Kids owns the rights to Yu-Gi-Oh! You would have to ask them.

Q: Is Yu-Gi-Oh! uncut canceled?
A: It's on hold. Could be a while.

Q: Do you have any idea why Yu-Gi-Oh! uncut is on hold?
A: Yes. But I can't say. Sorry.

Yu Yu Hakusho:

Q: Do you think Funimation will have the Yu Yu Hakusho: Eizou Hakusho (OVA) for US release?
A: I don't handle Yu Yu Hakusho but I will ask about this.

Q: Will Daydream Generation the fifth ending of Yu Yu Hakusho have an english version ?
A: I don't know. I will have to check.

Q: Are you legally able to dub the YYH movies that were previously dubbed by U.S. Manga Corps?
A: Nope. They own the rights to the movies.

Q: Do you know how many more box sets for Yu Yu Hakusho there will be? I know you all used 2 for the Dark Tournament, so I was curious as to how you'd be breaking up the rest of the series. Also, when would the next set of box sets be available?
A: I don't have Chapter Black box set dates with me right now. They haven't been set. That means quite a while.

Q: Why FUNi stopped releasing edited YYH DVD's?
A: A way larger percentage bought the uncut so it was decided to stop the edited YYH DVDs.

Q: How long will it take till we see YYH final episode, here in America?
A: July on DVD. I don't know about broadcast.

Q: Do you know if the rest of Yu Yu Hakusho will air on Cartoon Network?
A: Yes. But we don't know when. It's up to their programming department.


Q: How exactly does the deal to release 4Kids' DVDs go? Does 4Kids just give you the episodes and leave design, extras, etc. all up to you guys, or does 4Kids give very specific terms on what it wants to see on the DVD?
A: I don't deal directly with 4Kids so I can't say with authority what exactly we handle in DVD production. I handle our properties like Fruits Basket, Kiddy Grade, Spiral, Fullmetal Alchemist and others.

Q: Do you plan on releasing anymore 4Kids properties Uncut onto DVD (One Piece, Tokyo Mew Mew...)?
A: Nothing more at the moment. (shakes magic eight ball - ask again later).

Q: Did you guys persuade 4kids into letting you release uncut verisons of YGO and Shaman King or did they see the demand for them and come to you?
A: Uncut releases were talked about for a while and the current market conditions made this feel like the right time for release.


A: Any details on a planned Anime network?
Q: Nothing right now.

Q: What is the next possible anime that FUNI is thinking about licensing?
A: It's a new co-production slated for Spring 2005. The story is about the struggles of man a Jed. This poor mountaineer can barely keep his family fed. A clan of blood thirsty Drysdale ninjas keep interfering with their down-to-earth way of life. Then Jed's daughter Ellie Mae gains mysterious magical powers and now she can talk to her barnyard animals.

I think it will be a hit.

Seriously. We'll either send out a press release, wait till a medium/big size con to announce our next wave of titles.

Q: FUNI has licensed quite a few titles. FMA is already going to be on Adult Swim. Will any of FUNI's other licenses be on Cartoon Network or any other network? (Kiddy Grade, Fruits Basket, Samurai 7)
A: The programming department at the network decides which titles they want to air. It's up to them.

Q: Any chance you guys wanna delve into Kamen Rider?
A: Asks my Yoda magic 8 ball. No. I feel this will be.

Q: Are you guys gonna do 16:9 transfers of the shows you have in WS?
A: Can you say Burst Angel and Baki?

Oh yeah!

Q: Any chance of FUNimation being interested in dubbing video game anime? Like...recent series...that aren't over...but when it is...I don't think you can answer this question, but I'm just prepping for the future.

A: <intentionally vague response>

Yes....prepping for the future

</intentionally vague response>

Q: It's rumored that there are several titles that FUNimation wanted, but another company beat you out to the process. I just want confirmation on the more interesting titles. Did you attempt to get Final Fantasy unlimited, Megazone 23, Saiyuki, and GetBackers?
A: Most always there is a bidding process.

Q: Sometimes when buying the US rights to an anime you can purchase the rights through the previous rights holders. For example when Harmony Gold dubbed Captain Harlock they just bought the rights from the previous rights holders ZIV International. Now i was just curious did FUNimation buy the rights to Dragon Ball from Harmony Gold (I've actually seen online sites list it as so before). Also did you have to buy Detective Conan through either Fox, Disney, or Sensation Animation?
A: Most anime series in Japan these days are funded through committees. Committees spread the financial risk. Committees could be any combination of: production company, animation studio, advertising agency, broadcasting station company, publisher (if based on a manga), original creator (if a based on a manga), toy company, bank institution, angel investors, foreign companies (like US comanies - call these co-pros) and other groups. Rights are then distributed throughout this committee.

Ever curious to see how many production studios there are in Japan? Well then, check this link out:

Q: When FUNimation creates English versions of the original Japanese vocal songs, do you reperform the background music because either you've not been given a vocal-free version of that particular song or one doesn't exist?
A: Sometimes we are not able to acquire the intrumental rights to a song but can create a cover song with our own instrumental take. We don't do full versions of the songs, just the TV version. (I know some of you reading this just let out a whimper...sorry)

Q: Does FUNimation have any plans on (at least partly) funding their own anime?
1. Anime properies partially funded by a US distributor are called co-productions or co-pros. Yes, we have done some of these.

Q: How complicated is it, really, to release full-length versions of your dubbed songs, even as mp3s on the web? (I really want a full-length version of the first Case Closed/Detective Conan theme, as the English version is MUCH better than the Japanese version.)
A: Very complicated. The English covers we create are still owned by the Japanese rights holder and they would have to approve any outside distribution.

Q: Does FUNImation see the future of anime being on an anime-only cable network or do you see anime branching out into a more mainstream audience, say on NBC or CBS during their prime-time blocks?
A: Shows on prime-time TV live or die based on ratings and demos. Imagine watching [insert your most favorite anime series] and the big network changing its day and time. Then when the time change doesn't work for that week....they pull the plug around episode 9. Happens to a lot of good live action shows on the big 4. If a show can't find its audience gets cancelled. Cable offers shows time to find an audience.

Q: What if any ties to Japanese companies does FUNimation have currently, as in the most likely companies for you to get a series from?
A: We have great working relationships will all of our Japanese license owners.

Q: FUNi's worked with pretty much every dubbing studio except Ocean Group & Blue Water. When are you gonna use them?
A: All of our current dub work, with the exception of Tenchi Muyo! GXP is done in house.

Q: With your DVD releases, how many episodes do you keep as a buffer between episodes you are currently dubbing and the episodes you release on DVD?
A: As many as possible. ( varies due to production schedules and materials)

Q: Any news on the FUNimation channel yet?
A: I don't have any news.

Q: Are there any movie only anime that FUNI might look into having it get theater play?
A: Yes if they are available.

Q: Will FUNI ever try to get any sports anime or game anime, such as Hikaru no go or Whistle?
A: There is always a possibility.

Q: In the most recent Tenchi Muyo GXP DVD (The Great Daluma) the rating on the back has been changed from "13+" to "TVPG". What's the deal? was it picked up for Television air? Or will FUNImation just be rating their series with a slightly more "recogniseable" rating system?
A: Going with the more recognizable rating system.

Q: I'd like to know how FUNimation is doing. Any big changes going to be made to the company soon? How are the relationships between you guys and 4Kids, Nelvana, etc. Any particular series you've got your eyes on (*coughUncut One Pi-*shot*)? The proposed network that shows up on your main page?
A: Let's just say that FUNimation is growing every year.

Q: Why there's a month delay on all of their titles in Canada?
A: Our distribution system allows for a four week lead time when distributing to Canada. You'll be seeing a lot more anime in your Canadian stores.

Q: Do you know which places where FUNi's titles are sold? I know the US is one of the main markets, and there maybe a few others, and here in the UK there stuff about licensing sub-licensing and things, and I wonder how this all works.
A: We have a great relationship with our Canadian distributor. MVM handles our UK releases and Madman handles our Australia releases.

Q: Will Funimation's acquisition by Navarre affect the production of current or future series?
A: I have to say "no comment" on those type of questions.

Q: What are FUNimation editing standards for TV?
A: We have to comply with TV ratings for each particular channel and program time. Check out for more.

Q: Will the DVD's of DBZ, YYH, or DBGT will ever include the Spanish dub?
A: We are looking into this. We'll know more soon.

Q: Will you aquire any Shonen Jump anime for TV or DVD release?
A: Shonen Jump titles have great stories are would be great to release. It's up to the rights owners in Japan to make that decision.

Q: When exactly is the promotional material for Operation Anime coming? Also, thanks for the speedy responses on screening requests.
A: For right now, posters and cards. I want to do more but I need some suggestions. I'm thinking having monthly drawing and choosing 1 club win like a DVD for each member or something like that. I don't know just trying to be unique and cool.

Q: How confident are you, personally, about Future Shop effectively stocking the FMA starter set?
A: I have never been to a Future Shop so I don't know. Our Canadian sale team (about a year old relationship now) is quite good. So I think your previous problems with product will clear up.


Q: Do you guys plan on releasing any other shows from Nelvana?
A: Yesh. More info on that later.

Adult Swim:

Q: OK, my question is, which show won the overall Nielsen numbers? Clearly FMA won 18-34, but GitS:SAC must have done something good with 35-49. Congrats on the great 18-34 though. I hope you beat it this week.
A: We'll have a press release out later this week. Let's just say that both shows (Fullmetal Alchemist and Ghost in the Shell SAC) did extremely well.


Q: All Toonami shows moved to once-a-week airings with a supposedly older demographic. Has this had any effect on the editing FUNimation makes for shows for Toonami?
A: Even though Toonami has moved to a prime time location, the TV rating for all the shows are still Y7 or Y7FV (Fantasy Violence). Same editing standards apply. Only Adult Swim allows shows with ratings of TV14 and TVPG. When ever a show starts, look at the top left side and you will see the TV rating for that show.

Want to learn more?


Q: Will FUNi be annoucing another title at the next Con (whenever that is)?
A: More titles? You bet!

Q: When's the next time you'll be near the NY area? It's been a long time since Funimation has appeared in the area, and I'd love to attend a panel to hear what you have to say in person.
A: Never been to AnimeNEXT but would love to go in 2005. I am so surprised how few cons there are in June (a summer month). We are currently planning our convention schedule for 2005.

Q: Have you guys planned out your convention appearances for 2005 yet?
A: Looks like we'll be traveling to around 20 conventions in 2005. We'll have alternating teams of people going this year. 2004 wore me and the rest of us out.

Q: Are you going to be at Megacon?
A: Yes. Had lots of fun last year.

Q: AWA and/or Kunicon in Atlanta?
A: AWA for right now.

Q: Lance, are you guys going to be at San Diego Comic-Con?
A: Yes we are going to Comic-Con. I luvs the biggest con in all geekdom.

Q: Will you guys be showing up at any Canadian cons this year? Anime North, Anime Evolution, or... that one in Edmonton that I keep forgetting about?
A: We currently have Canadian National Expo on our schedule for this year.

Anime North is opposite Fanime and Animazement. I think we are going to Fanime this year.


Q: Shouldn't we let Lance finish answering the current questions before piling new ones on?
A: NAH. Pile them on! The more the merrier. Also, can the posters make comments within the threads as well? I don't know if the mods want that or not. It's fine by me. I like the discussion.

Q: Ever catch the other dubs of Dragonball Z and GT?
A: Nope haven't heard the Canadian versions of DBZ/GT.

Q: As anime fans yourselves (Taking a wild stab there), what titles would the staff (as in not the company itself) like to dub?
A: I am an anime fan (no wild stab there). I have collected over 75 anime series to date.

There are some series that you bid on but you don't get. I weep for those.

Q: What is your favorite anime and character?
A: My favorite anime is Macross (First part of Robotech) Favorite character is Lisa Hayes. Last Christmas, my sister got my favorite comic artist, Chynna Clugston-Major of Blue Monday and Scooter Girl fame (, to commission a sketch of Lisa Hayes. That was the coolest present.

If you want to check out my other favorites, check my profile. Basically, it's all about the story. If you have beautiful animation and sound but just a decent plot, then it's a wasted effort.

Q: What's your favorite American cartoon and character?
A: Favorite cartoon character? The old Ren & Stimpy from Nick. The new version on Spike are too over the top.

Q: Have you ever done any voices (I'd imagine extras) in FUNi's productions?
A: Not yet.

Q: Lance, will you personally play any actual roles in the Fullmetal Alchemist dub yourself?
A: I would like to do a small role. Just a small one.

Q: You're from Texas... Did you grow up on a ranch or farm? It would be funny if you were a farm boy AND a fan boy... I don't know why that would be funny. It just is. Have you ever been to/participated in the rodeo?
A: Odd thing is that I grew up in the country. Our house was 20 miles away from the nearest town - population 6,500. When I was 7, we moved into town. I have been to rodeos as a spectator and never participated. My dad was a director for the XIT Rodeo and Reunion.

Q: Why aren't you in the dub?
A: Cause I leave it up to the professionals. Know your strengths and work on those projects first.

Q: So allow me to guess that part of brand management is hitting the con circut to build interest in properties?

A: Yup. I get paid for going to cons.

It's part building interest and part understanding current anime trends by hanging out at cons, observing and listening to fans. If you aren't out in the trenches understanding your market, you will be left behind.

Not Applicable:

Q: When will the Saiyan/Namek DBZ DVDs come out, and will they be in sets or single discs?
A: Can't say the exact date but expect it before summer. They will be 5.1 redubed singles.

Q: Any heads up on what some of the Fullmetal Alchemist DVD extras are going to be, or a full cast list?
A: We are going to launch a Fullmetal Alchemist microsite next week (awaiting approval). All the info you seek will be posted there. The big flashy content-rich site will be up closer to launch of the show on Adult Swim.

Q: Naruto... what's the deal, man?
A: What is this Naruto? Never heard of it. Is it a mahou shoujo comedy?


There is no status. That's all I can say.

[dodges a shuriken thrown by a frustrated fanboy]

Q: Are the Sayin and Namek sagas going to be released in box sets or starter sets?
A: Starter sets.

Q: When are Gunslinger Girl,Burst Angel, the Tenchi ovas and Samurai 7 coming out?
A: Let's just say you will be able to start watching all of these in the spring/summer. Can't announce release dates yet.

Q: Will the original dub also appear on the Saiyan Saga DVDs?
A: The original dub will not be on the new DBZ uncut discs. Our new 5.1 dub will be on there.

Q: Do you know if FUNimation has given CN the rest of Yu Yu Hakusho for broadcast or is there still another chunk for CN to pick up?
A: Don't know about the rest of YYH.

Q: Will you be visiting Miami's Otakucon this December?
A: No...but one popular Fullmetal Alchemist voice actor will. Vic Mignogna will be attending. He's the voice of Edward Elric.

Q: Will FUNI release uncut DVD's of Beyblade?
A: Volume 5 of Beyblade GRevolution will have 3 Nelavana dub episodes and 3 UNCUT Japanese Episodes with subtitles. It will be released early 2005. Volume 6 and on will follow the same trend.

Q: I heard once that Funimation was going to make a second season of "Fruits Basket", even if there wasn't one in Japan, any truth to this rumor?
A: No truth to the rumor but both sides know that Fruits Basket is very popular and there is material to work with.

Q: This is just IF FUNI got Naruto, would there be any chance of seeing the movie in theaters?
A: < >


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