The AotM Unofficial "Repentance of Sins" Thread (09/2009): Ghost Stories Edition

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You Serious?!
Mar 23, 2003
Ignore the thread title for just a second.

This month's AotM was perhaps the worst anime ever made until the company formerly known as ADV Films stepped in: Ghost Stories.

Here's a brief synopsis of Volume 1:

Anime News Network said:
Can a school have too much spirit?

When nearby construction disturbs a spiritual resting place, its disgruntled denizens do what any supernatural being would do after a rude awakening – they terrorize the local school. And that means it's up to a scruffy band of young ghostbusters to expel their satanic schoolmates before everyone gets sent to permanent detention!

So join Satsuki, her crybaby brother, the resident class stud, the school nerd and "physical researcher," a born-again beauty, and a resentful, demon-possessed cat in the funniest, scariest school you've ever enrolled in.
Please repent your sins (discuss the series) here. But remember, if you must post spoilers, place them in spoiler tags like this:

This is a spoiler
[Momoko whispers into JShaggy's ear]

Oh, and Momoko just told me that you best rate the series when you're finished, or else she'll tell God to strike you dead.


I see you!
Staff member
Apr 17, 2007
I'm unsure of how to rate this series because the original version is really bad. It doesn't do anything wrong per se, but it doesn't do anything right either. It's just there with all of its blandness.

The ADV dub, on the other hand, is a classic, transforming this show into a wickedly funny and R-rated offering full of politically incorrect jokes without resorting to too much toilet humor. Several of the jokes don't go anywhere (ANN has a good example with the Christian Slater bashing) but the majority of them work, and work well.


Biggest Hinata Azuma fanboy
Dec 24, 2008
Cayey, Puerto Rico
Oh yes, this dub rules. :D

And no, I didn't attempt to see the original version, I can't.

Anyways, yes, some jokes were iffy, but it was enjoyable, and one way to remember ADV's career.

However, my only real problem is that it isn't uncut until the last 4 episodes. If they censored most of the episodes, why would they uncesor the last ones?

In fact, I remember seeing a copy for volume 5 and I "WTF"'d at the TV-MA-L rating.

Oh yeah, adlibs rule. :cool:


The kids are all wrong
Sep 3, 2006
Three words...

"Think Brokeback Mountain." :lol:

I wish Bob Buchholz's Rave Master was more like this.

However, my only real problem is that it isn't uncut until the last 4 episodes. If they censored most of the episodes, why would they uncesor the last ones?
It is uncut. The jokes just get raunchier as the show goes on.


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