The Animated Mario Movie Is Officially A Go

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Jun 4, 2007
oh boy, here comes a million comments that the creators is going to turn this into another ttg
To be fair, Teen Titans Go to the Movies! wasn't too bad, based on what I've heard about the film. The Mario Bros. have have several games with a storyline and lore. The producers should just try to capture the look and feel of the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga games, only in movie form.


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Jun 27, 2007
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Even if it’s in look and feel, adapting just one part of the franchise isn’t really a good idea in the long run. Mario and Luigi is only a sub-series that, like the other ones, was inspired by the main platformer games in the first place, especially the 1985 classic. To put it another way, if it wasn’t for the success of the 1985 game, the the first Super Mario RPG by Square (1996) wouldn’t exist, let alone the Paper Mario games (2000), or the Mario and Luigi RPGs (2003).

This needs to be a movie that doesn’t make blind assumptions of its viewers (you know, using “focus” or “demographic” research). It needs to consider both people who have been playing the games for a long time as well as those who have never played any of them before. It, of course, also needs to consider the franchise’s legacy (hence Shigeru Miyamoto’s involvement). In any case, I am hoping this won’t turn out to be another tribute/parody that ultimately doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Also—and I’m going to say it—it would especially be bad if this movie ended up being “My Little Mario: Plumbers are Magic”. Can you imagine a scene where Mario constantly fireballs Bowser, but is totally invincible (you know, unlike the games where he goes down after he’s fireballed a certain number of times), and/or where he collapses the bridge they fight on…only for Bowser to come right back, and then just flicks Mario away like a fly (complete with Mario doing his “falling into a bottomless pit” scream from Super Mario 64, and possibly even having the “miss” jingle from the 1985 classic playing), and them mock him about how that wasn’t going to work, and possibly even taunt him (and the viewers) with the “this isn’t a game (this is real)” line?

I can’t even begin to imagine (oh sure, Mario would still defeat him, but still)…

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Jul 14, 2010
I'd be surprised if the look of this movie strays far from the "New Super Mario Bros" games look that has sort of become the default visual style for much of the branding (e.g. the theme park that recently opened in Japan), but I guess a lot about this movie seems surprising, so you never know.


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